On the Move Again!

Well, I guess you could say there are two things that are now “On the Move”. The first is our precious baby. It is just a regular old hockey player (I say hockey, because that’s the sport Aaron played!) Anyway, the baby is moving what feels like constantly. I like feeling it though, because it makes me feel like the little one is safe and healthy. And the good news is, is that I have been feeling much better lately, even if I do sill get sick every so often. The second is that April 1st we will be moving out of our basement apartment (horray!) to another place of dwelling. I have been actively searching through the newspaper for a house / townhouse / condo / duplex to rent. Usually the deals are better. It also looks like my dad will be coming for a visit, and to help us pick out a place! I’m excited about that and I think that he’ll be shocked at the beauty that we have surrounding

Aaron’s still very busy with work. But hasn’t had to work quite as much as January and half of February. I’m still enjoying my job at Kiddie Kandids and am starting to take pictures! I find it exciting, yet scary. We enjoy taking walks together down to Barnes and Noble and reading. We also have enjoyed walking down to Chili’s for dinner as well!

We’ve also found a great church home. It is a small church plant, but we’ve already seen some growth. Matt, our pastor, is an excellent expository preacher, and every Sunday we walk away enriched by the word of God. They also have a great zeal for evangelism, and Matt and Aaron love talking about theology and will hopefully be going door-to-door together when Spring comes.

God has blessed us in many ways being out here, and has shown me that He is faithful with answering prayer, albeit in His timing and not mine. I had prayed that God would move us into our own place by Easter, and He has been faithful and answered the prayer. He has also used this time for me and Aaron to grow closer together and learn.

Right now, Aaron has been working on some web projects. He’s trying to expand Theopedia.com as well as develop an evangelistic web site to Mormons, to be launched in the months to come. And I have been working on a Bible study of Philippians that I started about a year ago! Its been good for me to stretch my mind and think and read and ponder the things of Philippians. We have also been using social networking internet sites as a medium to reach (especially Mormon) teens, and have at times been very busy interacting (Cameron even jumped on board to help).

We’d like to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to two of our friends in Ohio who are new parents, or new second time parents! We wish we were there to share in the joy of your little ones.