Still Waiting…

Yes, I know that many people out there are wanting to know about our baby. And yes, I know that its three days past my due date. I don’t think that anyone really understands how a pregnant woman feels unless they’re a woman who has gone past their due date. I’m trying to be patient, and there really is not a whole lot to say. We tried some black and blue cohosh on Saturday, one of which is supposed to help contractions, the other to regulate them, and while I did have quite a few contractions it wasn’t enough to jumpstart my labor. We’re going to try that again tomorrow. The most I can ask for is earnest prayer that this baby will come soon, because mom is ready to hold baby on the outside!

Don’t worry, we’ll let everyone know the baby news as soon as we’re home from the birthing center.


Waiting for Baby

Well, it’s July 5th and our baby’s due in two days. I didn’t want a 4th of July baby, so now the baby’s allowed to come anytime! My, Stacie’s, mom has been here since Friday and we’ve been working together to get the nursery all set up. It’s been coming along nicely and we’ve had a good time together. It’s also been great to have her here and let her do things like cook and fold laundry in which I have lost all interest in these last few days. She’s been such a huge help!

As for now, we’re doing well. Just antcipating our little one’s arrival. I’m really swollen in my feet and my hands go up and down in swollenness, and so I’m just ready to have those parts of my body back to normal. It even hurts to write with my swollen hand! I also look at my mom’s feet and think about how dainty they look!

People have asked if I’ve had contractions and I think I have. I’ve never had a baby before, so I’m not 100% positive that some of the sensations I’ve had are, in fact, contractions. (Just like it took me a week to realize I’d been feeling my baby move and it hadn’t been gas.) Although, I do know that if it has been contractions, they weren’t labor ones, just because I’ll get 1 or more and then it all goes away.

I’m just excited to know that soon I’ll be holding my precious baby in my arms. Aaron’s just as excited. We’ve gotten him a prepaid cell phone so that I can call him when I need him, no matter where he is. Poor him, there’s been a few times I’ve had to call him just because I don’t know where he is and I need to get a hold of him and I can imagine the rush of excitement as he hears the phone ring.

We’re also trying to be patient, since we’ve been told that first-time moms usually go into labor late. But at the same time, we’re hoping and praying that the baby will come within 24 hours of its due date. (My dad arrives today and leaves the 11th, and baby and Papa must get some time together!) In fact I can’t wait until my dad starts the time old tradition and has our little one rub his beard while he repeats “Beard… beard”. My nieces and nephews always end up rubbing his beard as they get older.

So for now… its just the waiting game.