One Month Old


Our son John Caleb Shafovaloff came into this world on July 12th at 8:22 am. He weighed 10 lbs. 2 oz. and was 21 inches long.

We had grandparents galore doting on him for his first week, and then Omi (my mom) was here to help until the 28th of July. Since then I’ve been a stay-at-home mom with only the help of Aaron in the evenings (who is an awesome daddy). (My friends Laura and Thadd Davis were here last week and they did help me run some errands. It was good to see old friends.)

Otherwise, my days now consist of nursing, awake time, and nap time (or trying to get him to take a nap.) Aaron and I have been using a program called Trixie Tracker since Saturday, just for fun to see what my days look like. Here’s an example:

Monday, Aug 7th, 2006

3:30 am woke up (slept 3 h 50 min)

3:35 am changed poopy, leaky diaper

3:46 am nursed for 18 minutes (18, 0)

4:10 am put down to sleep

5:02 am Fell asleep (slept for 3 h 8 min)

8:10 am woke up

8:16 am nursed for 29 minutes (0, 29)

8:46 am changed poopy diaper

9:19 am put down to sleep

10:36 am changed poopy diaper

10:52 am Attempted sleep (1 h 33 min)

10:56 am nursed for 30 minutes (30, 0)

11:27 am changed poopy diaper

11:33 am put down to sleep

11:41 am Fell asleep (slept for 2 h 55 min)

2:36 pm woke up

2:47 pm nursed for 30 minutes (0, 30)

3:21 pm changed poopy diaper

3:49 pm put down to sleep

3:58 pm Fell asleep (slept for 20 min)

4:18 pm woke up

4:43 pm put down to sleep

5:13 pm Attempted sleep (30 min)

5:31 pm nursed for 30 minutes (30, 0)

6:03 pm changed diaper

7:30 pm put down to sleep

7:39 pm Fell asleep (slept for 9 min)

7:48 pm woke up

8:00 pm nursed for 33 minutes (0, 33)

8:35 pm changed poopy diaper

10:11 pm changed poopy diaper

10:54 pm nursed for 30 minutes (30, 0)

11:33 pm put down to sleep

11:47 pm Fell asleep (slept for 5 h 28 min)

As Aaron said “Note that the “fell asleep” times are for John not mom. :)