Happy at 40

I was listening to the radio a few days ago and the announcer was saying that come summer time she would be 40, and that a lot of people have asked her how she feels about that. She said that she’s looking forward to it, that she feels content, and that she doesn’t have to work as hard to get where she wants to be.

This really struck me. As a 27 year old, it encouraged me that it was possible to enjoy growing older. Soceity tells us that we should dread it. (And granted I don’t look forward to being all wrinkley). But it was encouraging. I think about life right now, and having a toddler undo all the work I’ve done, looking forward to another baby and knowing that when I’m up at 3 am its going to feel like it lasts forever. I want to move into my dream house someday. I want to make a difference in women’s lives. I want to write a Bible study. There are so many things I want to do right now. A lot of which I’m afraid to do. So, if got me thinking, when i’m 39 will I be looking forward to turning 40 or will I be wishing that I had accomplished a few more things. It has kind of spurred me on to live in a way that I can be content at whatever age I’m in and whatever stage of life I’m in. 

I hope that in 12 years, I can be looking forward to my 40th birthday with anticipation, that while I’ve accomplished lots, that I still have lots more time to accomplish more.