So, there is a state representative who wants to pass a bill that would require abortion clinics to tell women that the baby they are aborting would feel pain during the procedure (proven fact). He had a press conference today to talk about this. Anyhow, the Planned Parenthood Association sent out a request asking people to come and protest. So, a grassroots pro life movement came to support the representative(s). Anyhow, I’m holding my adopted daughter in my arms (who’s, mother btw was strongly encouraged towards abortion, how happy are we that we get to raise her instead!) And my son is standing on the steps with his little 2 year old friend. Well, I couldn’t here the representative well, but the pro-life crowd clapped. After it died down my son jumps to his feet, claps his hands and yells “YEA! WOOHOO!” From then on anytime people clapped, he jumped up, clapped, and yelled “YEA!” It was so cute. And shouldn’t it be such a wonderful sound coming from the mouth of a child at a place where women are protesting the rights of unborn children.


I Didn’t Even Need Potatoes…

So, my parents are coming into town tomorrow and of course I’ve been cleaning all day. I also had to take dinner to a church family whose father/husband has been in the hospital. (Not good planning.) So…. let me back up.

I live in Utah, but I”m not Mormon. However, if you know anything about the LDS culture, you probably know that they are supposed to keep a year’s supply of food in food storage in case of emergency. They call it family preparedness. Now, the LDS church also has canneries. These canneries can things like dried milk, dried butter, dried potatoes, ground wheat, etc. etc. I believe they use these things in humanitarian efforts around the world. One can also volunteer there for a set amount of time, and then buy the canned goods cheap. Well, back for Y2K my husband’s aunt volunteered at the local cannery and stock piled food. A few years later we got a can of the potatoes. They were surprisingly good, and since you only added water, low in calories. (We were living in OH at the time.)

So, years go by, we move to UT and a few months ago, I’m at a local chain grocery store that caters to the LDS market and family preparedness and found the canned potatoes that I loved so much. So, I grab 2 things, and have them sitting in my cabinet, because I need to finish off the Idaho potatoes I already have.

Okay, so back to today. I’m not looking forward to making this meal. Its my third meal for a family in 6 days. I’m running out of ideas and, like I said preparing for my parents’ arrival. So, I decide to make chicken and rice, easy stuff and tastes good. About 15 minutes before its done, I decide to start on the potatoes and the peas. Well, the directions for the potatoes say 2 cups of boiling water for every 1 cup of potatoes. Well, okay, but it doesn’t say how many that serves. So, I decide to make 4 1/2 of those for 6 people, thinking that should be enough. So, I boil the water, mix the potatoes, and end up with an amount pf mashed potatoes that would feed a Thanksgiving day feast of people! As the dinger dings for the chicken, I pull it out and realize… I MADE CHICKEN AND RICE AND I DIDN’T EVEN NEED POTATOES!!!!

So, essentially this family got chicken and rice, mashed potatoes (lots), peas, and crescent rolls… because of course I made the rolls, since I had planned on that without thinking that I’m looking like I’m the absolute carb queen! Oh my goodness, I don’t know the family that well… hopefully they’ll forget who made this meal! 🙂