So, there is a state representative who wants to pass a bill that would require abortion clinics to tell women that the baby they are aborting would feel pain during the procedure (proven fact). He had a press conference today to talk about this. Anyhow, the Planned Parenthood Association sent out a request asking people to come and protest. So, a grassroots pro life movement came to support the representative(s). Anyhow, I’m holding my adopted daughter in my arms (who’s, mother btw was strongly encouraged towards abortion, how happy are we that we get to raise her instead!) And my son is standing on the steps with his little 2 year old friend. Well, I couldn’t here the representative well, but the pro-life crowd clapped. After it died down my son jumps to his feet, claps his hands and yells “YEA! WOOHOO!” From then on anytime people clapped, he jumped up, clapped, and yelled “YEA!” It was so cute. And shouldn’t it be such a wonderful sound coming from the mouth of a child at a place where women are protesting the rights of unborn children.


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