I Was Almost Scammed!

So, a few weeks ago I responded to an ad on craigslist for a math tutor. It was going to be pretty good pay and I was excited about it. But things got kind of weird. The guy was apparently from the UK and his daughter was coming to stay with her aunt while he and his wife traveled… from there it just go more strange and in my gut I knew something wasn’t right. But I didn’t have the courage to just tell the guy that I was backing out of our agreement. So, today I get an email that my payment should arrive. (I knew he wanted to pay me beforehand, which I thought was weird, but… well, I didn’t expect this.) He told me that I’d be getting a money order and then that I should cash it and wire the money to his travel agent in Chicago so he could by his daughter’s plane ticket and that all of this had to be done today. Well… my first thought was, “Look buddy, I’m not your secretary, why the heck are you sending more money then was agreed upon. Buy a plane ticket online like everyone else!” At that point I was ready to say forget it, but if the check was in the mail what could I do? Well, Aaron got the package while I was at the gym this morning. I didn’t think to tell or ask him about it.

So later this afternoon I get a phone call from the guy. He totally sounds foreign, but like English isn’t his first language. I could hardly understand a word he was saying. And he was frustrated and mad. Again was turned off by the guy. So I complained to Aaron about the phone call, and that’s when he told me I had gotten the check this morning. So, that’s when Aaron was like “What does he want you to do?” And didn’t think it was a good idea and thought that everything might be false. So, we started to look things up online. Aaron found the craigslist ad I had responded to but this time it was advertised in Florida instead of Utah. And saw the warning from craigslist not to do anything with money grams or wiring money. So we contacted the Federal Trade Commission, gave them all the information we had. Then I contacted Moneygram and they verified that the checks I had received were fraudulent. If I had cashed the checks I would have been out about $1500. Yikes! Scary! I’m so glad my husband protected me and our family.

So… the moral to the story is…
1. Be ware of over payment checks.
2. Pay more attention to scam warnings on the news! 🙂