25 Random Facts About Me

1. I grew up in sunny Southwest Florida able to go to the beach at any time… consequently I don’t really like the beach, and don’t think its a big deal.

2. I went to a Christian college, literally on top of a mountain where we would go “sledding” in 2 inches of snow on… tables, cardboard, anything really, but (because of previous attenders) the cafeteria wouldn’t put out trays on snow days!

3. I traveled to Europe with my best friend for 9 weeks… I think we visited 8 or 9 countries.

4. I’ve been on mission trips to Jamaica and New Zealand. (Have you noticed I like to travel?)

5. My purse was stolen on my honeymoon, as was my mom’s (on her honeymoon) apparently now it’s tradition! 😉

6. I once had a 6’10” guy friend drive in my tiny convertible car with me. He obviously enjoyed driving with the top down, but then his head was above the windshield.

7. I once had a roommate who would blow cigarette smoke under my door because she knew how much I hated the smell and she didn’t like me.

8. My husband forgot my name 3 times the day we met. However, once I told him my middle name was Delicious, he never forgot!

9. I CANNOT fall asleep without reading first.

10. After I first met Aaron I told my friend, “His last name is like snufalufagus or something.”

11. I got beat up (head-butted) by a sheep named Sheep.

12. I taught freshmen and sophomores in high school who are now all in college… yikes!

13. I gave birth to a 10 lb 2 oz baby with no meds.

14. I have a great relationship with and love my adopted daughter’s birthmother. (grandmother and great grandmother too!) 🙂

15. I’m learning how to knit for the 3rd time in my life, but I really think I’ll stick with it this time… it helps to have an in-person teacher and support group.

16. Aaron sent me 18 white roses the summer I was in New Zealand and he was in Salt Lake City.

17. I was a Scottish dancer for my high school marching band… and ironically enough, my high school mascot was a cougar and my college mascot was the Scots!

18. I love to take pictures (both people and scenery) and I secretly (not so much anymore) wish that I
could do so professionally.

19. I would give anything to have a big huge bathtub in my bathroom right now, so I could take a nice long luxurious bath.

20. In college there was a girl ask guy dance, Kilter, I was supposed to be going with a group of the guy’s friends and so I met one of my very good friends by calling her up and saying, “Hi, my name is Stacie and I think we’re going to Kilter together.” She was confused for a minute or so. We ended up being in a bunch of math classes together andgoofing off to the point where we’d annoy my ex-boyfriend. Hehe.

21. I’m off and on addicted to cafemom.com and wish that more of my real friends were on the social networking site.

22. I was some what of a dare devil in my younger years and went bungy jumping… although it was the kind where you’re in a harness and you go feet first instead of head first.

23. My husband and I currently have separate bathrooms… only because he’s too tall for the master bath shower. 🙂

24. I also attended Wright State University where, at a school of about 10,000 there were about 15 math majors graduating between 2002-2004, and I was one of the 5 girls out of the 15.

25. I got married in the underwear capital of the world… Piqua, OH.


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