2008 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We have had a wonderful year and hope you have too.

Let me fast forward through our lives. Aaron is still working from home with Internet Biblical Seminary. He has also worked on mrm.org (Mormonism Research Ministry), our church website lifelinecommunity.com and is currently working on CARM.org. He loves doing Temple Square evangelism and generally interacting with lots of Mormons.

Stacie is enjoying motherhood and thinks she has adjusted to having two children! She’s involved with MOPS and in September became a facilitator for a small group within the ladies Bible study and has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the women in her group.

John Caleb is a rambunctious 2-year-old who is still getting into everything. He’s talking a lot and each day we recognize new words. He loves anything musical, Barney (surprising, I know, especially since that’s the show Aaron and I currently prefer for him!), monkeys, cars and trucks.

Now to the best part! Last year we mentioned that we were hoping to adopt in 2008 and the Lord saw it fit to answer our prayers and in an amazing way. Last year we weren’t sure which agency to use, and were even contemplating adopting from foster care. One Sunday in January, I was thinking about our adoption decisions during the sermon. I wrote in my notes, “Lord, please let me follow your will in this adoption,” so that I could continue to pay attention. Well, after the service our pastor approached us and said, “There’s a young woman in the congregation who is pregnant and would like to give her baby up for adoption. My wife said you wanted to adopt, would you like to meet her?” You can guess how we answered. During the pot luck that followed (it happened to be our church’s 3rd anniversary) we met the young woman, Katrina, her mom, and her grandma. After spending a month in earnest prayer, asking God to bless us with this baby, Katrina did choose us as her adoptive family.

On May 16th 2008, our daughter Lydia Kaitlyn was born at 8 lbs 2 oz. She has been such a delight in our family and we can’t imagine our lives without her. We have continued to have a very open relationship with Katrina and several members of her family and have grown to love them. On November 24th our adoption was finalized. We went to celebrate at Chili’s (where else?) and had a big party that evening with lots of friends. We have fallen more in love with our daughter each and every day and are amazed at the blessing she is to our lives. John absolutely loves his little sister. He gives her lots of hugs and kisses – and likes to take her toys! 😉

We are truly enjoying our home, church family, and everything else Utah has to offer. We love and miss you all. The only hard part about Utah is being so far away from those we love.

Grace and Peace in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
Aaron, Stacia, John Caleb, and Lydia Shafovaloff


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