Just Another Sunday

It really did start out like a normal day. Wake up to my baby’s noises. Check my email. Take a shower. Then it changes. I need to be at church early because I’m bringing snacks this week. So, I get out of the shower and I finish getting ready. I walk into the kitchen to see my sneaky 2-year-old standing on a chair eating the candies I made. (I made lemon poppy seed and chocolate muffins, as well as peanut butter pretzel sandwiches with a hug melted on top.) Of course, now he won’t accep the more breakfast acceptable, albeit no more healthy, chocolate muffin. I get the kids dressed, the bottle and sippy cup filled, Bobby and Betty (my kids’ security “blankets”) in my bag, and we’re in the car, about 7 minutes late.

I drop the kids in the nursery and enjoy a fabulous church service. Afterward, I speak to many friends, (at one point realizing I wasn’t sure where my son was) but, like always, the hubby is now talking to the pastor and I’m patiently waiting with my children trying to pacify Lydia and watching John chase a little girl around in circles. Soon, however, John discovered the water fountain, and the wonderful mother I am allowed him to play with a cup and water fountain, filling the cup and dumping it out (sometimes into the trash can below). He loses interest in the water fountain. Until about 5 minutes later when I look over and there he standing in said trash can so that he can be just barely tall enough to drink from the water fountain by himself. Yes, my son is in the trash.

On the way home, we hear on the radio that we should be avoiding all peanut butter products because of a salmonella outbreak linked to the peanut butter paste used in peanut butter cracker/cookie sandwiches and so all peanut butter products should be avoided at this time. Great! I just could have poisoned my entire church family! What are the odds?

And finally, so far, I’m cleaning up my kitchen, since I left it such a mess this morning, I turn around and see myself in the mirror above my sink and realize that my shirt is completely covered with stains. We had had to leave some of our clothing at my in-laws house, one of which being my favorite shirt, which I wore this morning, forgetting that at the last minute we had to leave behind some of our dirty clothes… that shirt being one of the dirty ones.

Yep. This has been an adventurous day.

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