Month-end Reviews

I am a part of a local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) group here in Utah. MOPS hasn’t been the best thing in the world for me, but I have enjoyed it. Anyhow, this year’s theme is Adventures in Mothering.  I will first admit, that I kind of find MOPS weekly emails a bit over the top. Often times it is a mother reminicsing about a negative incident that recently occured and how they learned to put a good spin on it. But, really people, when your child pees on your great-grandmother’s linen that can’t be washed — let’s just say that not all situations can or should have a good spin on them. With that said, I do realize that I often have a bad attitude about certain things, and am probably pretty pesimistic too.

So, I decided that I needed to change my attitude. A friend, on her blog, does “Ten Smile Tuesdays” where she basically lists 10 things she’s thankful for. But, let’s face it, me committing to something weekly would probably not happen. But monthly? Sure I could do monthly. At another point in time I was working on my scrapbook and I realized how dumb my journaling sounded. I didn’t really have anything of substance to say, and I told Aaron, “I need to write down stories that happen from each moth, so I have something to journal about in my scrapbooks.” He agreed with me. At yet another moment in time I was sitting on the couch watching the antics of my 2 year old and I thought how life with him is an adventure. Mothering is an adventure. MOPS is right. 

All of those instences led me up to this. Month-end reviews. My hope is to keep record of antics from life and share them at the end of each month. So, check in tomorrow for my first month-end review.

I’ve adventured through childhood, college, Europe, teaching, marriage, and now I adventure through motherhood.


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