February 2009 in Review

1st — I woke up at 5:15am this morning to John slamming the office door. He had a Barney show going on the tv. As I put him back to bed there was a Barney song running through my head. If that was the song that was playing when I got up, it was at least 20-25 minutes into the DVD.

3rd — John was watching the Spanish channel when I woke up.

4th — John tries and actually succeeds in lifting a 12 pack of Dr. Pepper.

5th — John put his pants on by himself for the first time, I just turned around and he had pants on!

6th — Lydia figured out how to rip up a kleenex and drink her bottle at the same time.

7th — Had to perform stealth diaper retrieval.

8th — Wondered if Lydia was fake sleeping… is that possible for an 8 ½ month old?

9th — Lydia finally cut that 5th tooth… a break before the 6th please?

— John wants his hand washed… they are mysteriously neon pink and I still don’t know the cause.

10th — Took the kids to Fazoli’s, John poured pepper onto his penne alfredo, and loved it!

11th — Lydia crawled!

12th — I passed my PRAXIS PLT

13th — I lost Lydia…. she was in the kitchen.

 — John created hurricane-like effects in his room in about 2 minutes flat.

 — Had a wonderful Valentine’s date with Aaron.

14th — John uses the wall instead of the white board for his coloring escapades.

15th — Lost Bobby.

 — John pulled the mattress off the bed and then got stuck under it.

 — Found Bobby.

20th — Nice weather. Took kids to the park. John took off running across a field and Lydia took off after him with her military crawling. Shew as pretty fast, but ended up covered in dead, brocken leaves. 

21st — John tries to get into the exer-saucer… with Lydia already IN it. 

22nd — Spent 2 1/2 hours in the ER with John. He did not want to stand on the scale, get his oxygen levels or temperature taken, and then pitched a fit when we were finally shown our room. Another hour later, when the doctor finally arrived, John seemed fine. 

23rd — Put Lydia’s jacket on up-side-down, was in a hurry, so I left it that way. 

 — Home alone. Kids in bed. Hear a paper crackling type of noise coming from John’s room, but it sounds like its outside the door. (Freaked me out.) So, I look over and John’s pushing a piece of paper underneath the door. I go over and try to pull it from my end. Then I slip my fingers underneath and grab John’s fingers. He giggles, “Mommy.” So we talk a bit, through the door, before I bid him goodnight again. 

24th — John put his BYU shoes on by himself, on the wrong feet.  

 — Aaron’s gone. Furnace starts acting up.

25th — John pulled out about 1/2 the wipes of a relatively full package. 

 — Lydia’s just really cute. 

26th — Lydia unscrewed her bottle and was soaked from head to toe, as well as her bed. This was at nap time. 

 — No heat. 

27th — Lydia pulled herself up! 

28th — I killed Aaron’s fish this week… oops.

 — John made a swimming pool in the kitchen with only a cup and running water.


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