March 2009 in Review

3rd — Flew to Florida with both kids by myself. 

4th — Found John Shepley and CJ in bathroom “painting” the wall with makeup brushes and toliet water.

5th — Found John in the the bathroom with about 1/2 in toilet water on the floor

— “Stan, there’s a commericial for hearing aids, do you want to try it.” “What’d you say?” 

6th — John is deathly afraid of Tebo, Todd and Maribeth’s tiny dog. 

7th — I knocked on my mom’s door and John ran forward saying, “I’ll get it.” 

8th — John insisted on pulling one of Kati and Cori’s bags, when I pick them up from the airport… what a gentleman. 

9th — John had a great time “pushing” us into the pool.

10th — Lydia walked along the furniture. 

11th — Went canoeing in the estuary, no manatee or alligator though. And Kayaking in the ocean!

12th — John loves singing “I love John Caleb I do, I do” And it is SOOOO cute.

— Playing Apples to Apples, Kati gets a word like “dependable”, Cori puts in “chickens”. Kati choose chickens because its “yiyi” My dad tried to fight for his card and asked Kati to explain how chickens are dependable. She says, “Its just yiyi.” “What is yiyi.” “Awe he said yiyi.” The term yiyi is explained and my dad says, “Whatever, yiyi chickens!” (If you don’t know what “yiyi” means, disregard this story.)

13th – John insisted on singing “Lydia” instead of “John Caleb” in the above song. 

 — Said goodbye to the twins and Anna :(. 

 — Painted the toenails at my neice’s 7-year-old birthday party. 

14th — I was putting groceries in the car when the car alarm across from mine started going off. When it didn’t stop I wondered if it was mine (since I had my mother’s car and was unfamiliar with its sounds) So, I pressed the panic button. My alarm starts going off… couldn’t figure out how to get it to stop. 

 — John finished off a jar of peanut butter that was bought on the 4th. He basically ate the entire jar by himself. 

16th — Flew home to Utah. Very stressful trip, the people in front of me on the first flight made me cry. 😦

 — So, John discovered a love of eating peanutbutter out of the jar in FL. Within 10 minutes of being at home he got down the peanutbutter and a butter knife (which I promptly traded him for a spoon.) 

17th — John slept until almost 11, poor kid was SOOOOOOOOO tired. 

19th — Lydia pulled down the shade thing on her car seat and played peek-a-boo with John. I revel in hearing their laughter in the backseat. 

20th –– John cloggs the toiliet and partially floods that bathroom.

 — John tries to stack balls. 

21st — Aaron returns home! We’re reunited after 4 weeks… woohoo!

23rd – Aaron doesn’t put a shirt on Lydia, so she crawls on her elbows and knees when she reaches the tile. 

24th — We crank up Garth Brooks in the living room and have a Shafovaloff dance session.

 — Aaron and John went to Walmart, John comes into the living room with an Oreo mustache-goatee and tuplips, saying, “Flower Mommy!” Melted my heart.  

26th — Stacie started working with the youth at church. 

28th –– Lydia’s for real crawling on her hands and knees with no incentive.

31st — Lydia pulled out almost all the wipes from an almost full container.


People Must Hate Their Children, or be Very Ignorant

This article spurred this blog post, and here’s my opinion.

So, the economy has gotten so bad that now women are aborting for financial reasons. Married couples are aborting their 3rd and 4th child because they simply feel like they can not afford one more, or even simply the medical costs of a birth. Let me say this, I sympathize with people losing their jobs, and understand that, financially, they may be in a very tight spot, but its not an excuse to kill your child. 

For women, who are pregnant, and cannot even afford an abortion, instead of calling on some sickening organization that will help you pay for it, why not chose to give your child up for adoption. When you decide to place your child up for adoption then you can receive funds for rent, gas, utilities and food, anything that will help you stay in good health for the sake of the child, especially if for some reason the child is preventing you from working. You may not be receiving much else, but isn’t giving life to your child worth it? 

To Ms. Holycross, I want to say, you did do the right thing by keeping your child. And I applaud you. 

To the Feldsteins, going from two incomes to one is difficult no matter what the economy is like, if that’s your dream than you can do it with hard work and determination. 

To the married patient on your third child, who decided to abort because you couldn’t afford the $30,000 medical bills related to birth. Have you ever thought, that maybe you could do birth less expensive? Two years ago, my husband and I had no health insurance, out of our control, for a no-complications birth we would have spent $4000, $2000 for my midwife, which included pre-natal and birthing, and $2000 for my birthing center which included my nurse. Are you willing to give birth without an epidural to lower your costs so that you CAN give birth to your child rather than abort? On top of that thousands of people pay $30,000 and more to adopt children that they can’t conceive. 

Bottom line, the life of the child should not be determined by $$$. It should always be determined by the inherit worth of the child. Which, is always enough to never abort. Shame on you who abort for selfish reasons, not even willing to give your child to another family to raise. There are still families out there waiting to adopt a child, and you just ended the life of yours. Wouldn’t you much rather give life to your child and let someone else raise the child, then to kill it?

Flying With Small Children

I have traveled with at least one small child for almost three years now. With my parents in Florida and my in-laws in Virginia, if we want to see family, someone must travel. Let’s see I’ve taken 11 trips, that’s about 25 days of travel (since a FL/VA Christmas is 3 days of travel, but 1 trip) and since they are so far away this equals out to about 49 airplane rides. So let’s just say I have some experience in this area. And let me tell you I’ve met people, that you would not believe exist.

So, let me say this to those of you who disparage children on planes. Mothers are already on high stress mode as they enter the plane, nasty looks and comments such as, “I have deal with that?” are not appreciated. Leaning over to person next to you and making comments about ones child screaming loud enough for the mom to hear, is not appreciated. Proceeding to have a conversation about “I wouldn’t let my child behave like that”, or “I’d whip my child if he tried that” (which, by the way, old timer, in today’s society spanking a child in public, opens you up to a possible child abuse charge, depending on what type liberal is nearby.) Or making the comment, “Children don’t behave that way for their fathers.” Well, just shut your mouth, because you don’t know what you’re talking about. A nasty look is enough to send a mother of a crying child to tears herself. And above all else, you cranky people, do NOT turn around and shush my child. Especially, when that child is simply babbling happily. In case you have forgotten, children are not silent, especially when they’re learning speech.

To flight attendants and check-in people. You have the power to highly affect the attitude of the mother. If you smile, offer water or drinks outside of the beverage service, play with the kids, or go above the duty, you really have given a mom relief. If you continuously frown, and otherwise ignore them, or demand they put a seatbelt on your child, when they’re obviously trying and the child’s pitching a fit… you’re not helping the stress level. And to check-in people, I profusely thank those of you who have unsolicited changed my seats so that I have an empty seat next to me, you really have made my day and my life easier.

To those of you on the plane that offer to hold my baby for a few minutes, or help carry my bags on the plane, offer sympathetic looks, encouraging words, a smile, or compliment of how beautiful my children are, and especially to those who offer hugs or encouraging touch on the shoulder, I profusely thank you too. To know that while I make 2 hours of your life miserable that you are rooting for me, the mom, means the world.

Now, a word to the women, the older moms, the grandmas. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You are the majority of mean people on planes. I kid you not. I have received the most nasty looks and comments from women, some of whom I know are moms. You are the only people that have actually physically changed seats because you cannot stand being near my children. Take a lesson from the business men. The business men are the ones I always think will be the most upset with my children, but in fact are the nicest and most attentive. I have not had a single man change a seat away from me. I have had multiple offer to hold my babies and play with them. Maybe its because they see their stressed wife in me. Maybe they feel guilty for leaving their children, I don’t know, but they, on average, are the nicest.

So, next time you get on a plane and you see that you have one or more small children around you, take a deep breath, and offer the mother a smile. Do your best to enjoy the trip, and at the end, no matter how poorly the children behaved, smile or say something encouraging to the mother, even if its, “I’m sorry that flying is so hard with small kids, I hope the rest of your day goes well.” If the children behaved well, be sure to compliment the mother. And be assured, that no matter how hard the trip was for you, it was 20 times worse for the mother. And for those of you who never flew with small children, but took long drives in the car, just think about how stressful that was, and how much more stressful it would have felt if you had had 100 strangers near by to be a party to your children’s behavior. (Even if its an innocent baby crying.)

Aaron’s Scarf

I wanted to knit a nice scarf for Aaron, so after starting it while on Christmas vacation, taking a hiatous from it in January for scrapbooking, I finally finished… the next day it was 60 degrees! Isn’t that always the way. Regardless, I’m pretty proud of the scarf and Aaron loves it. At least its still cold in the evening when he’s out evangelizing. Here are a couple of pictures. Below is the pattern. Here is the original source (

Cast on 34

Row 1, 7: (P2, K2) twice * P4 (K2, P2) twice K2 * P4 (K2, P2) twice

Row 2: (K2,P2) twice CF4 (slip 2, front, K2, CNK2) P2, RT (Slip 1, back, K, CNK) P2, FC (Slip 2, front, P2, CNK2), CF4 (slip 2, front, K2, CNK2) BC (Slip 2, back, K2, CNP2) P2, RT (Slip 1, back, K, CNK), P2 CF4 (slip 2, front, K2, CNK2) (P2, K2) twice

Row 3, 5: (P2, K2) twice P4, K2, P2, K4, P8, K4, P2, K2, P4, (K2, P2) twice

Row 4:  (K2, P2) twice K4, P2, K2, P4, CB4 (slip 2, back, K2, CNK2) twice, P4, K2, P2, K4, (P2, K2) twice,

Row 6: (K2, P2) twice, CF4 (slip 2, front, K2, CNK2), P2, RT (Slip 1, back, K, CNK), P2, BC (Slip 2, back, K2, CNP2) CF4 (slip 2, front, K2, CNK2), FC (Slip 2, front, P2, CNK2), P2, RT (Slip 1, back, K, CNK), P2, CF4 (slip 2, front, K2,CNK2), (P2, K2) twice,

Row 8: (K2, P2) twice, K4, P2, K2, BC (Slip 2, back, K2, CNP2), P2, K4, P2, FC (Slip 2, front, P2, CNK2), K2, P2, K4, (P2, K2) twice

Row 9,11, 13, 15: (P2, K2) twice, P4, K2, (P4, K4) twice, P4, K2, P4 (K2, P2) twice

Row 10, 14: (K2, P2) twice, CF4 (slip 2, front, K2, CNK2), P2, CF4 (slip 2, front, K2, CNK2), P4, K4, P4, CF4 (slip 2, front, K2, CNK2), P2 CF4 (slip 2, front, K2, CNK2), (P2, K2) twice

Row 12: (K2, P2) twice K4, P2, K4, P4, CF4 (slip 2, front, K2, CNK2), P4, K4, P2, K4, (P2, K2) twice

Row 16: (K2, P2) twice, K4, P2, K2, FC (Slip 2, front, P2, CNK2), P2, K4, P2, BC (Slip 2, back, K2, CNP2), K2, P2, K4, (P2, K2) twice


Repeat rows 1-16 until desired length, ending on row 7. Bind off, weave in ends. Block scarf, if desired.