People Must Hate Their Children, or be Very Ignorant

This article spurred this blog post, and here’s my opinion.

So, the economy has gotten so bad that now women are aborting for financial reasons. Married couples are aborting their 3rd and 4th child because they simply feel like they can not afford one more, or even simply the medical costs of a birth. Let me say this, I sympathize with people losing their jobs, and understand that, financially, they may be in a very tight spot, but its not an excuse to kill your child. 

For women, who are pregnant, and cannot even afford an abortion, instead of calling on some sickening organization that will help you pay for it, why not chose to give your child up for adoption. When you decide to place your child up for adoption then you can receive funds for rent, gas, utilities and food, anything that will help you stay in good health for the sake of the child, especially if for some reason the child is preventing you from working. You may not be receiving much else, but isn’t giving life to your child worth it? 

To Ms. Holycross, I want to say, you did do the right thing by keeping your child. And I applaud you. 

To the Feldsteins, going from two incomes to one is difficult no matter what the economy is like, if that’s your dream than you can do it with hard work and determination. 

To the married patient on your third child, who decided to abort because you couldn’t afford the $30,000 medical bills related to birth. Have you ever thought, that maybe you could do birth less expensive? Two years ago, my husband and I had no health insurance, out of our control, for a no-complications birth we would have spent $4000, $2000 for my midwife, which included pre-natal and birthing, and $2000 for my birthing center which included my nurse. Are you willing to give birth without an epidural to lower your costs so that you CAN give birth to your child rather than abort? On top of that thousands of people pay $30,000 and more to adopt children that they can’t conceive. 

Bottom line, the life of the child should not be determined by $$$. It should always be determined by the inherit worth of the child. Which, is always enough to never abort. Shame on you who abort for selfish reasons, not even willing to give your child to another family to raise. There are still families out there waiting to adopt a child, and you just ended the life of yours. Wouldn’t you much rather give life to your child and let someone else raise the child, then to kill it?


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