March 2009 in Review

3rd — Flew to Florida with both kids by myself. 

4th — Found John Shepley and CJ in bathroom “painting” the wall with makeup brushes and toliet water.

5th — Found John in the the bathroom with about 1/2 in toilet water on the floor

— “Stan, there’s a commericial for hearing aids, do you want to try it.” “What’d you say?” 

6th — John is deathly afraid of Tebo, Todd and Maribeth’s tiny dog. 

7th — I knocked on my mom’s door and John ran forward saying, “I’ll get it.” 

8th — John insisted on pulling one of Kati and Cori’s bags, when I pick them up from the airport… what a gentleman. 

9th — John had a great time “pushing” us into the pool.

10th — Lydia walked along the furniture. 

11th — Went canoeing in the estuary, no manatee or alligator though. And Kayaking in the ocean!

12th — John loves singing “I love John Caleb I do, I do” And it is SOOOO cute.

— Playing Apples to Apples, Kati gets a word like “dependable”, Cori puts in “chickens”. Kati choose chickens because its “yiyi” My dad tried to fight for his card and asked Kati to explain how chickens are dependable. She says, “Its just yiyi.” “What is yiyi.” “Awe he said yiyi.” The term yiyi is explained and my dad says, “Whatever, yiyi chickens!” (If you don’t know what “yiyi” means, disregard this story.)

13th – John insisted on singing “Lydia” instead of “John Caleb” in the above song. 

 — Said goodbye to the twins and Anna :(. 

 — Painted the toenails at my neice’s 7-year-old birthday party. 

14th — I was putting groceries in the car when the car alarm across from mine started going off. When it didn’t stop I wondered if it was mine (since I had my mother’s car and was unfamiliar with its sounds) So, I pressed the panic button. My alarm starts going off… couldn’t figure out how to get it to stop. 

 — John finished off a jar of peanut butter that was bought on the 4th. He basically ate the entire jar by himself. 

16th — Flew home to Utah. Very stressful trip, the people in front of me on the first flight made me cry. 😦

 — So, John discovered a love of eating peanutbutter out of the jar in FL. Within 10 minutes of being at home he got down the peanutbutter and a butter knife (which I promptly traded him for a spoon.) 

17th — John slept until almost 11, poor kid was SOOOOOOOOO tired. 

19th — Lydia pulled down the shade thing on her car seat and played peek-a-boo with John. I revel in hearing their laughter in the backseat. 

20th –– John cloggs the toiliet and partially floods that bathroom.

 — John tries to stack balls. 

21st — Aaron returns home! We’re reunited after 4 weeks… woohoo!

23rd – Aaron doesn’t put a shirt on Lydia, so she crawls on her elbows and knees when she reaches the tile. 

24th — We crank up Garth Brooks in the living room and have a Shafovaloff dance session.

 — Aaron and John went to Walmart, John comes into the living room with an Oreo mustache-goatee and tuplips, saying, “Flower Mommy!” Melted my heart.  

26th — Stacie started working with the youth at church. 

28th –– Lydia’s for real crawling on her hands and knees with no incentive.

31st — Lydia pulled out almost all the wipes from an almost full container.


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