April 2009 in Review

1st — John wants (Curious) George the Monkey to sit and watch a DVD with him, but George must sit exactly how John wants him to, with his feet touching the player.

6th John thanks me for changing his diaper. 

7th — Took the kids to the park. John wandered too far away, so I call him back. He proceeds to run to me, arms outstreched yelling, “HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG” from about 50 yards away.

8th — Gave the kids a bath………..

9th  Found 1/2 of John’s sandwich from yesterday in our fruit bowl… and I thought he had been such a good eater!

Lydia went Kung Fo Panda on my bathroom door and slammed it open!

10th John’s Tickle-Me-Cookie Monster scared Lydia to tears. 😦 

11th Celebrated Seder with the Moore’s 

12th Celebrated Easter with the Summers’, McLaughlin’s and the Normandeu’s… 9 kids under 5. 

13th  Had to convince John to get in the car so I could take him to the park. 

15th John pushed a chair into the kitchen and got into the chocolate candy. 

16th John sat in his “big (dump) truck” and Lydia “pushed him around the house. 

18th Went to the park, we took Lydia’s walker and whe walked and walked and walked all over the place. 

20th Bought 33 cars from thrift stores hoping to entice John to go potty. 

21st — Went to the Winder’s house and John had a BLAST jumping on the trampoline. 

22nd — John got into his first rumble with his little friend. 

Lydia was using me to stand up and then she would let go and stand on her own!

23rdJohn said his first sentence without being prompted! (May I have some more milk please, although it sounded more like “ay i ave ome mo ilk ease”)

Sitting in the car waiting to pick someone up, I saw a woman with a voluptious bottom, and she had tight jeans on, and well, I made the comment to myself, “Well that’s one booty.”  and John said, “Yeah, booty.” Oops! Need to be more careful with my words. 

24thThe children conspire against me at 4:30 am!

25thLast week an ex-neighbor sweetly gave us a somewhat tacky picture of Jesus and the woman at the well. I put it in the kitchen next to the laundry room door unsure of what to do with the thoughtful gift. John just got it out of the kitchen and put it back on the bookshelf where it temporarily sat. 

27thAaron started his new job. He came home ehausted and after dinner was laying on the couch. After a bit, John brought Aaron a blanket from his bed and covered Aaron with it. 

28thLydia crawled into the bedroom, grabbed and hugged the Curious George stuffed animal close, leaned over, and just laughed to herself. 

I picked the kids up from the gym day care, and I looked around didn’t see Lydia, and then realized John and Lyddie were sitting on the ground playing nicely together witih a toy. 

— At Carter’s there’s a hop scotch game on the ground, when John noticed what it was he pushed me out of the way and started counting and jumping. 

29thApproached by a casting agent about how cute my kids were 

30th — Lydia’s left a jellybean in Aaron’s shoe. 


Our Engagement Story

Recently someone asked me how Aaron proposed. We were distracted from the question and I never answered, but it made me think. We posted our engagement story on our wedding website, which has long since been diseminated. So, its been kept in my email box. I decided that I would post it on here, as another place to keep it. So here it is! 

Stacie finished her last undergraduate exam just before 5:00 PM on Thursday, June 12, 2003. As she came out of the Math and Microbiology building it was raining but not too hard, so she decided to walk to her car thinking she would not get very wet. By the time she was at the student union she was already completely wet! At this point it started raining even harder but she was so excited for her date with Aaron that she just wanted to get home and she figured she was already wet enough. So, she slipped off her shoes and walked in the rain to her car. By the time she was there she was completely soaked through, and her hair was sopping wet! She called Aaron and asked him for a 1/2 hour to get ready.

He picked her up but would not tell her where they were going. They ended up at Young’s Dairy, the first place they met. They went back and forth as to which table they were sitting when they actually met, and decided on the second to the end. They both decided on cheeseburgers for dinner and different brownie sundaes for desert. They figured out that it had been almost 21 months since they had first met. From there, they were on our way to Chili’s for some chips and salsa. But on the way they decided to stop off at Cliffton Gorge (where they had their first kiss.) Aaron made sure this was ok with Stacie since she was wearing flip-flops, a long jean skirt, and it would be a little muddy. She was excited about going back to Clifton Gorge and making it to the bridge again.

They finally arrived, and began their journey to the bridge that goes over the river. They encountered many muddy areas, two frogs, and a rushing waterfall, as well as the beauty of a forest after rain. It was quite a treck to the bridge and Stacie kept flipping mud up onto her legs, as Aaron’s pants were soaked with mud. Finally, they arrived at the long awaited bridge. Aaron had brought his Bible with him (not usual). So, Stacie asked him if he wanted to read some scripture. He said that he had written down a few that he wanted to read to with her.

The following is what Aaron had prepared.

Song of Solomon 4:9-10 You have stolen my heart. I love your love.Matthew 4:18-22
Stacie, will you drop your net with me and follow Christ, and fish for men?

Matthew 5:1-12
Stacie, will you seek with me to be blessed by our Master, Christ?

Matthew 13-16
Stacie, will you shine you light before men with me, so that the world may honor God?

Matthew 6:19-24
Stacie, will you set your heart on, and store up treasures in heaven with me, and serve our master, Christ, over any other?

Matthew 6:25-34
Stacia, will you seek first the kingdom of Christ and His righteousness, and trust in God to provide at all times?

Matthew 10:37-39
Stacia, will you take up your cross, follow Christ, and lose your life with me, to find it in Christ?

Matthew 13:1-23
Stacia, will you accept the word of God, endure trouble and persecution, avoid the “worries of life” and the deceitfulness of wealth, and bear fruit with me?

Luke 14:25-33
Stacia, will you consider the high cost of being a disciple of Christ with me, and give up everything?

Ephesians 5
Stacia, will you submit to me as the church submits to Christ?
Stacia, may I love you as Christ loves the church, and give myself up for you?

Stacia, will you marry me?

After the last passage he took a step back from Stacie got down on one knee and said, “I love you more than anyone. I can’t imagine being with anyone else. Will you marry me?” As tears began to brim in his eyes.

Stacie said, “YES!” as tears started spilling over in her own. There was no movement so she said, “Yes, yes, I’ll marry you.” ‘

Then Aaron said, “Well give me your hand!” He slipped the beautiful ring on her finger as the tears began to pour harder from Stacie’s eyes. She couldn’t seem to control them, but it didn’t matter to Aaron, he was just made the happiest man on the earth!

We would like to praise God, for the wonderful blessings and riches that He has given to us, especially in each other.

Eccentric Neighbors

Throughout the last year and a half we’ve gotten to know some of our neighbors. We have a very nice family who lives behind us that we talk to over the fence (although, its a short fence, so there’s no Home Improvement (Wilsom) thing going on) and borrow yard tools from. There’s the LDS family kitty-corner, who is not necessarily a typical LDS family, but they have since moved. Our next door neighbors, who are from California and are (thankfully) renovating the 2 bedroom teeny tiny house.

And then there’s the eccentric neighbors. Our first winter we were outside building a snowman and from across the street comes an 11-year-old boy. He helps us finish up our huge Frosty and even gets us coal to use for the guy. This began our interesting relationship with the family. His mother, an older woman, who also has grown children older than us, collects all manner of things. She will pick up random things from the dump, or free off the side of the road if they have promise to be rejuvinated. She finds great deals at Savers (a local thrift shop) of antiques and restores them. Randomly from garage sales she’ll also pick up the more-than-occasional item.

She’s a very sweet woman, a loving lady, who is very generous, and talkative. We really do like the family, but when we open the door and see that its her, we sometimes wilt, simply knowing that the shortest the conversation will be is 30 minutes, but usually about 60. She has given us some wonderful things, however. A beautiful etched glass cake holder, a mirror that is framed like a window frame, a cool piece of art that needs to be reframed. But also some less-than-stellar things such as a Halloween dancing child dressed as a ghost, or the most recent, a picture of Jesus talking to the woman a the well. While, the last has prospects, not this particular picture. Things like these leave Aaron and me wondering what we should do with these lovingly-given items. She puts a smile on my face just thinking of her.

And then the boy. He has spent hours and hours hanging out at our house, on the computer, playing Wii, just hanging out, a meal here and there, watering plants, etc. I think he enjoyed the somewhat peaceful (what home with children is truly peaceful?) environment that we could offer him. He’s a good kid, even if he does look like trouble!

Ah, they have since moved, but we still get the occasional knock on the door with a gift. Life was definitely more interesting when they lived close by!

Aaron’s New Job

Many times throughout life, people talk about beginning or closing a chapter in their lives. Such as graduating, getting married, having a baby, etc. Chapters can be big transitions or smaller ones. Right now I feel like I’m facing the close of a smaller chaper (or maybe its just one of those breaks in the chapter, you know that are like…) 


Anyhow, for over two years now, my husband has worked from home. He is a web developer and has been working for Internet Biblical Seminary (although the project, as of this writing, is not complete). Since the ministry is support-based, and the economy isn’t too hot, they told my husband at the beginning of April that they could pay him for only one more month. The Lord has provided quickly for our family and within a week of sending out his resume he was offered a job. So, starting April 27th, Aaron will be headed off to work again each morning. No more daddy at home all the time. Now, some may be thinking, “How is this a chapter in your life, and not just your husband’s?” My first response is that we are one flesh (Genesis 2:24). Second, having a work-from-home husband changes the life of the stay-at-home mom. There are definite benefits, but also definite drawbacks.

As I go throughout this last week of having Aaron at home, part of me is excited. There are days where I just need my space, but Aaron’s having a meeting on the couch. Other days where Aaron is stressed and his mood seeps into me and I become stressed. Other days where I just need to rest during nap time, but lunch needs to be made or errands need to be run, and that’s the best/most convient time for me to do it, and since kids are sleeping and Aaron’s home, its easy. Or the fact that sometimes the workday doesn’t end until Aaron goes to bed. Or the business trips!

There are other parts that I will miss. Many times, I love going out by myself, running to the craft store while the kids are taking a nap. I also never feel the need to turn down any social engagements simply because we need family time, since we’re always around each other. I also love having another adult to talk to throughout the day. Its also wonderful because Aaron’s schedule is flexible. If I need him to help me in the morning with something, he simply can work later in the day. Vacations to see extended family are easily arranged, since he can always work (at least part-time) from whatever location.  

While I’m looking forward to the structure the job will bring to our lives and the alone time it will afford me, I am also sad to see Aaron out the door every morning. I do enjoy his company and it will probably seem very lonely to begin with. At least he’ll be returning home every night. This has been a good two years for him to be home. He, unlike most men, was able to watch his very small children day in and day out grow up. Now on to the next length of time. The next chapter in our lives. A new job, a new start to the day.

Diamond Lace Bookmark

I just finished knitting this bookmark for a friend. I’m still going to try and use some fabric stiffiner in hopes of keeping it more bookmark-like and less flimsy.  Here is the original website. I did a practice one first and realized that the bookmark was longer than what I would have liked, so I cut off the repeating pattern. So, below is my modified version of the pattern. I definitely like the smaller one better, but I tend to read smaller books and don’t like my bookmarks hanging out. Anyhow… here’s my bookmark! 


CO 21 sts

Rows 1-4: K across

Row 5 (and all odd rows): K2, P17, K2

Row 6: K9, K2tog, YO, K10

Row 8: K8, K2tog, YO, K1, YO, SSK, K8

Row 10: K7, K2tog, YO, K3, YO, SSK, K7

Row 12: K6, K2tog, YO, K5, YO, SSK, K6

Row 14: K5, K2tog, YO, K7, YO, SSK, K5

Row 16: K4, K2tog, YO, K9, YO, SSK, K4

Row 18: K3, K2tog, YO, K11, YO, SSK, K3

Row 20: K2, K2tog, YO, K13, YO, SSK, K2

Row 22: K4, YO, SSK, K9, K2tog, YO,  K4

Row 24: K5, YO, SSK, K7, K2tog, YO, K5

Row 26: K6, YO, SSK, K7, K2tog, YO, K6

Row 28: K7, YO, SSK, K3, K2tog, YO, K7

Row 30: K8, YO, SSK, K1, K2tog, YO, K8

Row 32: K9, YO, Sl1, K2tog, PSSO, YO, K9

Row 34: K9, K2tog, YO, K10

Row 36, K8, K2tog, YO, K1, YO, SSK, K8

Row 38: K7, K2tog, YO, K3, YO, SSK, K7

Row 40: K6, K2tog, YO, K5, YO, SSK, K6

Row 42: K8, YO, SSK, K1, K2tog, YO, K8

Row 44: K9, YO, Sl1, K2tog, PSSO, YO, K9

Row 46 – 85: Repeat rows 6 – 35

Rows 86 – 89: K all 

Bind off, weave in ends.

Government Agencies

So, this whole tale starts off with simply trying to be a good citizen and get my taxes done in a timely manner. A couple of weeks ago, my accountant asked for my (adopted) daughter’s social security number, I didn’t know it, but thought I had it at home. I didn’t. Well, no time like the present to remind you, that you don’t have your daughter’s social security card or her birth certificate. 

So, I put a call to the social security office and their infuriating recording, and finally talk to a live person. I explain my situation and they said that I need a birth certificate, decree of adoption, OR medical records. Ok… well. So, I decide that while I’m working on this I might as well get her birth certificate as well. 

When you adopt a child, you cannot order the birth certificate until the adoption is finalized, which can be no early than 6 months after the child has been placed in your custody. So, back in November, I sent in the necessary paperwork to the Office of Vital Statistics to get Lydia’s birth certificate. It can take 4 – 6 weeks to get it back in the mail, so I just didn’t really think about it again. I mean, sure, every so often with a fleeting thought, but not much. Until now. 

So, I call the Office of Vital Statistics (OVS) and after the infuriating recording, I left a message for the adoption specialist. She calls me back 2 days later saying that they have no record of my paperwork at all. And that if I had sent it to their physical address instead of their PO box, then it got lost in the mail, and I needed to call my local post office. After 1 1/2 hours and 3 phone calls to different USPS offices (and more infuriating recordings) they basically were of no help.

        – “Why didn’t it get returned to me with my return address.”  

        – “I don’t know, it should have.” 

So, my “Decree of Adoption” and Birth parent health history is lost forever in the mail. I talk to the adoption specialist again, who makes me feel incredibly stupid for not making copies of these before I sent them, but how am I supposed to know anything. People give me papers and I send the papers I need to… I follow directions. Anyhow, she instructs me as to what I need to do. Have the birthmother refill out the health form, and then go down to the West Jordan courthouse and get two certified copies of the “Decree of Adoption”. A couple more phone calls with infuriating recordings, are thrown in here. 

So, I head out. I get to West Jordan court house and wait, wait, wait in line. I get my two certified copies of our “Decree of Adoption” and I’m off. Next, to the social security office. (Its Thursday and I can’t go into the OVS until Tuesday or Wednesday, I don’t know why, I just do as I’m told. But, I figure I can still get her social security card.) So, I wait at the SS office for 45 – 60 minutes, only to be told that I needed her birth certificate, decree of adoption, AND her medical records. Frustrating. 

After that I decide to head to the BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation) to get my finger prints taken for my zillionth background check in almost 6 years. (Come on states, an FBI background check is going to produce the same results no matter if Utah or Ohio asks for it.) I wait, wait, wait there. I’m a pro by now at finger printing and immediately ask for the lotion (people with dry skin give bad finger prints, so the lotion helps you to not give bad prints resulting in having to get them done again) Anyhow, people are always surprised when I immediately ask. So, that’s taken care of so that I can get my Ohio teaching liscense reinstated. 

Ok. That was 5 hours last Thursday. So, today is Tuesday and today I can go to the OVS and get her birth certificate. Well… I drive there. There’s a woman causing major problems in front of me and I’m wishing against wishing she would just give up and leave. About 20 minutes later a woman behind the regular counter calls me over and says that she’ll get someone started on my birth certificate,  while this other women’s issues are being settled. And I asked, this will take about 45 minutes. (Because the paperwork says that.) She said yes. An hour later, I go to the bathroom, when I come back she catches my eye….

       – “Did the woman talk to you at all.” 

       – “No.”

       – “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought she had talked to all the people she had paperwork for. Our computer system is down and its not allowing any changes to be made. So, HOPEFULLY it will be back up by tomorrow.” 

1. The adoption specialist woman talked to no one except the problem causer. 

2. Why would I continue to sit and wait if someone had told me about the computer problem. 

3. You should have told me IMMEDIATELY when you were having computer problems, even if just to say, we’re hoping it’ll be fixed quickly and you can be on your way. 


So, now I’m continuing to wait to get the birth certificate, so that I can get the social security card, so that I can file my taxes. 

**I should add that I called the doctor’s office yesterday at 4:30 to get Lydia’s medical records. I sat on the phone for 13 minutes only to be told that I needed to call by 4:30.