Government Agencies

So, this whole tale starts off with simply trying to be a good citizen and get my taxes done in a timely manner. A couple of weeks ago, my accountant asked for my (adopted) daughter’s social security number, I didn’t know it, but thought I had it at home. I didn’t. Well, no time like the present to remind you, that you don’t have your daughter’s social security card or her birth certificate. 

So, I put a call to the social security office and their infuriating recording, and finally talk to a live person. I explain my situation and they said that I need a birth certificate, decree of adoption, OR medical records. Ok… well. So, I decide that while I’m working on this I might as well get her birth certificate as well. 

When you adopt a child, you cannot order the birth certificate until the adoption is finalized, which can be no early than 6 months after the child has been placed in your custody. So, back in November, I sent in the necessary paperwork to the Office of Vital Statistics to get Lydia’s birth certificate. It can take 4 – 6 weeks to get it back in the mail, so I just didn’t really think about it again. I mean, sure, every so often with a fleeting thought, but not much. Until now. 

So, I call the Office of Vital Statistics (OVS) and after the infuriating recording, I left a message for the adoption specialist. She calls me back 2 days later saying that they have no record of my paperwork at all. And that if I had sent it to their physical address instead of their PO box, then it got lost in the mail, and I needed to call my local post office. After 1 1/2 hours and 3 phone calls to different USPS offices (and more infuriating recordings) they basically were of no help.

        – “Why didn’t it get returned to me with my return address.”  

        – “I don’t know, it should have.” 

So, my “Decree of Adoption” and Birth parent health history is lost forever in the mail. I talk to the adoption specialist again, who makes me feel incredibly stupid for not making copies of these before I sent them, but how am I supposed to know anything. People give me papers and I send the papers I need to… I follow directions. Anyhow, she instructs me as to what I need to do. Have the birthmother refill out the health form, and then go down to the West Jordan courthouse and get two certified copies of the “Decree of Adoption”. A couple more phone calls with infuriating recordings, are thrown in here. 

So, I head out. I get to West Jordan court house and wait, wait, wait in line. I get my two certified copies of our “Decree of Adoption” and I’m off. Next, to the social security office. (Its Thursday and I can’t go into the OVS until Tuesday or Wednesday, I don’t know why, I just do as I’m told. But, I figure I can still get her social security card.) So, I wait at the SS office for 45 – 60 minutes, only to be told that I needed her birth certificate, decree of adoption, AND her medical records. Frustrating. 

After that I decide to head to the BCI (Bureau of Criminal Investigation) to get my finger prints taken for my zillionth background check in almost 6 years. (Come on states, an FBI background check is going to produce the same results no matter if Utah or Ohio asks for it.) I wait, wait, wait there. I’m a pro by now at finger printing and immediately ask for the lotion (people with dry skin give bad finger prints, so the lotion helps you to not give bad prints resulting in having to get them done again) Anyhow, people are always surprised when I immediately ask. So, that’s taken care of so that I can get my Ohio teaching liscense reinstated. 

Ok. That was 5 hours last Thursday. So, today is Tuesday and today I can go to the OVS and get her birth certificate. Well… I drive there. There’s a woman causing major problems in front of me and I’m wishing against wishing she would just give up and leave. About 20 minutes later a woman behind the regular counter calls me over and says that she’ll get someone started on my birth certificate,  while this other women’s issues are being settled. And I asked, this will take about 45 minutes. (Because the paperwork says that.) She said yes. An hour later, I go to the bathroom, when I come back she catches my eye….

       – “Did the woman talk to you at all.” 

       – “No.”

       – “Oh, I’m sorry, I thought she had talked to all the people she had paperwork for. Our computer system is down and its not allowing any changes to be made. So, HOPEFULLY it will be back up by tomorrow.” 

1. The adoption specialist woman talked to no one except the problem causer. 

2. Why would I continue to sit and wait if someone had told me about the computer problem. 

3. You should have told me IMMEDIATELY when you were having computer problems, even if just to say, we’re hoping it’ll be fixed quickly and you can be on your way. 


So, now I’m continuing to wait to get the birth certificate, so that I can get the social security card, so that I can file my taxes. 

**I should add that I called the doctor’s office yesterday at 4:30 to get Lydia’s medical records. I sat on the phone for 13 minutes only to be told that I needed to call by 4:30.

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