Aaron’s New Job

Many times throughout life, people talk about beginning or closing a chapter in their lives. Such as graduating, getting married, having a baby, etc. Chapters can be big transitions or smaller ones. Right now I feel like I’m facing the close of a smaller chaper (or maybe its just one of those breaks in the chapter, you know that are like…) 


Anyhow, for over two years now, my husband has worked from home. He is a web developer and has been working for Internet Biblical Seminary (although the project, as of this writing, is not complete). Since the ministry is support-based, and the economy isn’t too hot, they told my husband at the beginning of April that they could pay him for only one more month. The Lord has provided quickly for our family and within a week of sending out his resume he was offered a job. So, starting April 27th, Aaron will be headed off to work again each morning. No more daddy at home all the time. Now, some may be thinking, “How is this a chapter in your life, and not just your husband’s?” My first response is that we are one flesh (Genesis 2:24). Second, having a work-from-home husband changes the life of the stay-at-home mom. There are definite benefits, but also definite drawbacks.

As I go throughout this last week of having Aaron at home, part of me is excited. There are days where I just need my space, but Aaron’s having a meeting on the couch. Other days where Aaron is stressed and his mood seeps into me and I become stressed. Other days where I just need to rest during nap time, but lunch needs to be made or errands need to be run, and that’s the best/most convient time for me to do it, and since kids are sleeping and Aaron’s home, its easy. Or the fact that sometimes the workday doesn’t end until Aaron goes to bed. Or the business trips!

There are other parts that I will miss. Many times, I love going out by myself, running to the craft store while the kids are taking a nap. I also never feel the need to turn down any social engagements simply because we need family time, since we’re always around each other. I also love having another adult to talk to throughout the day. Its also wonderful because Aaron’s schedule is flexible. If I need him to help me in the morning with something, he simply can work later in the day. Vacations to see extended family are easily arranged, since he can always work (at least part-time) from whatever location.  

While I’m looking forward to the structure the job will bring to our lives and the alone time it will afford me, I am also sad to see Aaron out the door every morning. I do enjoy his company and it will probably seem very lonely to begin with. At least he’ll be returning home every night. This has been a good two years for him to be home. He, unlike most men, was able to watch his very small children day in and day out grow up. Now on to the next length of time. The next chapter in our lives. A new job, a new start to the day.


One thought on “Aaron’s New Job

  1. My dad worked from home for a good portion of my childhood too. I think him going to work outside the home was sad for me at first, but ultimately, I got used to it and it wasn’t so bad. And now, all these years later, he’s back to working at home again! Hope this “chapter” works out for you, but maybe Aaron will be back to working at home again soon 🙂

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