Eccentric Neighbors

Throughout the last year and a half we’ve gotten to know some of our neighbors. We have a very nice family who lives behind us that we talk to over the fence (although, its a short fence, so there’s no Home Improvement (Wilsom) thing going on) and borrow yard tools from. There’s the LDS family kitty-corner, who is not necessarily a typical LDS family, but they have since moved. Our next door neighbors, who are from California and are (thankfully) renovating the 2 bedroom teeny tiny house.

And then there’s the eccentric neighbors. Our first winter we were outside building a snowman and from across the street comes an 11-year-old boy. He helps us finish up our huge Frosty and even gets us coal to use for the guy. This began our interesting relationship with the family. His mother, an older woman, who also has grown children older than us, collects all manner of things. She will pick up random things from the dump, or free off the side of the road if they have promise to be rejuvinated. She finds great deals at Savers (a local thrift shop) of antiques and restores them. Randomly from garage sales she’ll also pick up the more-than-occasional item.

She’s a very sweet woman, a loving lady, who is very generous, and talkative. We really do like the family, but when we open the door and see that its her, we sometimes wilt, simply knowing that the shortest the conversation will be is 30 minutes, but usually about 60. She has given us some wonderful things, however. A beautiful etched glass cake holder, a mirror that is framed like a window frame, a cool piece of art that needs to be reframed. But also some less-than-stellar things such as a Halloween dancing child dressed as a ghost, or the most recent, a picture of Jesus talking to the woman a the well. While, the last has prospects, not this particular picture. Things like these leave Aaron and me wondering what we should do with these lovingly-given items. She puts a smile on my face just thinking of her.

And then the boy. He has spent hours and hours hanging out at our house, on the computer, playing Wii, just hanging out, a meal here and there, watering plants, etc. I think he enjoyed the somewhat peaceful (what home with children is truly peaceful?) environment that we could offer him. He’s a good kid, even if he does look like trouble!

Ah, they have since moved, but we still get the occasional knock on the door with a gift. Life was definitely more interesting when they lived close by!


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