Our Engagement Story

Recently someone asked me how Aaron proposed. We were distracted from the question and I never answered, but it made me think. We posted our engagement story on our wedding website, which has long since been diseminated. So, its been kept in my email box. I decided that I would post it on here, as another place to keep it. So here it is! 

Stacie finished her last undergraduate exam just before 5:00 PM on Thursday, June 12, 2003. As she came out of the Math and Microbiology building it was raining but not too hard, so she decided to walk to her car thinking she would not get very wet. By the time she was at the student union she was already completely wet! At this point it started raining even harder but she was so excited for her date with Aaron that she just wanted to get home and she figured she was already wet enough. So, she slipped off her shoes and walked in the rain to her car. By the time she was there she was completely soaked through, and her hair was sopping wet! She called Aaron and asked him for a 1/2 hour to get ready.

He picked her up but would not tell her where they were going. They ended up at Young’s Dairy, the first place they met. They went back and forth as to which table they were sitting when they actually met, and decided on the second to the end. They both decided on cheeseburgers for dinner and different brownie sundaes for desert. They figured out that it had been almost 21 months since they had first met. From there, they were on our way to Chili’s for some chips and salsa. But on the way they decided to stop off at Cliffton Gorge (where they had their first kiss.) Aaron made sure this was ok with Stacie since she was wearing flip-flops, a long jean skirt, and it would be a little muddy. She was excited about going back to Clifton Gorge and making it to the bridge again.

They finally arrived, and began their journey to the bridge that goes over the river. They encountered many muddy areas, two frogs, and a rushing waterfall, as well as the beauty of a forest after rain. It was quite a treck to the bridge and Stacie kept flipping mud up onto her legs, as Aaron’s pants were soaked with mud. Finally, they arrived at the long awaited bridge. Aaron had brought his Bible with him (not usual). So, Stacie asked him if he wanted to read some scripture. He said that he had written down a few that he wanted to read to with her.

The following is what Aaron had prepared.

Song of Solomon 4:9-10 You have stolen my heart. I love your love.Matthew 4:18-22
Stacie, will you drop your net with me and follow Christ, and fish for men?

Matthew 5:1-12
Stacie, will you seek with me to be blessed by our Master, Christ?

Matthew 13-16
Stacie, will you shine you light before men with me, so that the world may honor God?

Matthew 6:19-24
Stacie, will you set your heart on, and store up treasures in heaven with me, and serve our master, Christ, over any other?

Matthew 6:25-34
Stacia, will you seek first the kingdom of Christ and His righteousness, and trust in God to provide at all times?

Matthew 10:37-39
Stacia, will you take up your cross, follow Christ, and lose your life with me, to find it in Christ?

Matthew 13:1-23
Stacia, will you accept the word of God, endure trouble and persecution, avoid the “worries of life” and the deceitfulness of wealth, and bear fruit with me?

Luke 14:25-33
Stacia, will you consider the high cost of being a disciple of Christ with me, and give up everything?

Ephesians 5
Stacia, will you submit to me as the church submits to Christ?
Stacia, may I love you as Christ loves the church, and give myself up for you?

Stacia, will you marry me?

After the last passage he took a step back from Stacie got down on one knee and said, “I love you more than anyone. I can’t imagine being with anyone else. Will you marry me?” As tears began to brim in his eyes.

Stacie said, “YES!” as tears started spilling over in her own. There was no movement so she said, “Yes, yes, I’ll marry you.” ‘

Then Aaron said, “Well give me your hand!” He slipped the beautiful ring on her finger as the tears began to pour harder from Stacie’s eyes. She couldn’t seem to control them, but it didn’t matter to Aaron, he was just made the happiest man on the earth!

We would like to praise God, for the wonderful blessings and riches that He has given to us, especially in each other.


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