April 2009 in Review

1st — John wants (Curious) George the Monkey to sit and watch a DVD with him, but George must sit exactly how John wants him to, with his feet touching the player.

6th John thanks me for changing his diaper. 

7th — Took the kids to the park. John wandered too far away, so I call him back. He proceeds to run to me, arms outstreched yelling, “HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG” from about 50 yards away.

8th — Gave the kids a bath………..

9th  Found 1/2 of John’s sandwich from yesterday in our fruit bowl… and I thought he had been such a good eater!

Lydia went Kung Fo Panda on my bathroom door and slammed it open!

10th John’s Tickle-Me-Cookie Monster scared Lydia to tears. 😦 

11th Celebrated Seder with the Moore’s 

12th Celebrated Easter with the Summers’, McLaughlin’s and the Normandeu’s… 9 kids under 5. 

13th  Had to convince John to get in the car so I could take him to the park. 

15th John pushed a chair into the kitchen and got into the chocolate candy. 

16th John sat in his “big (dump) truck” and Lydia “pushed him around the house. 

18th Went to the park, we took Lydia’s walker and whe walked and walked and walked all over the place. 

20th Bought 33 cars from thrift stores hoping to entice John to go potty. 

21st — Went to the Winder’s house and John had a BLAST jumping on the trampoline. 

22nd — John got into his first rumble with his little friend. 

Lydia was using me to stand up and then she would let go and stand on her own!

23rdJohn said his first sentence without being prompted! (May I have some more milk please, although it sounded more like “ay i ave ome mo ilk ease”)

Sitting in the car waiting to pick someone up, I saw a woman with a voluptious bottom, and she had tight jeans on, and well, I made the comment to myself, “Well that’s one booty.”  and John said, “Yeah, booty.” Oops! Need to be more careful with my words. 

24thThe children conspire against me at 4:30 am!

25thLast week an ex-neighbor sweetly gave us a somewhat tacky picture of Jesus and the woman at the well. I put it in the kitchen next to the laundry room door unsure of what to do with the thoughtful gift. John just got it out of the kitchen and put it back on the bookshelf where it temporarily sat. 

27thAaron started his new job. He came home ehausted and after dinner was laying on the couch. After a bit, John brought Aaron a blanket from his bed and covered Aaron with it. 

28thLydia crawled into the bedroom, grabbed and hugged the Curious George stuffed animal close, leaned over, and just laughed to herself. 

I picked the kids up from the gym day care, and I looked around didn’t see Lydia, and then realized John and Lyddie were sitting on the ground playing nicely together witih a toy. 

— At Carter’s there’s a hop scotch game on the ground, when John noticed what it was he pushed me out of the way and started counting and jumping. 

29thApproached by a casting agent about how cute my kids were 

30th — Lydia’s left a jellybean in Aaron’s shoe. 


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