My Little Girl Turns One

Ahhhhhhhh…. It is truly amazing how fast time goes by. Almost daily I find truth in the statement, “The days are long but the years are short when you are a mother of small children.” My how this is so. As I think back to a year ago, I can’t imagine Lydia being so teeny tiny and helpless. And her BLACK curly hair that she had is now BLOND?! My oh my. 

A year ago, Lydia was still 9 days out from her due date. I was dropping off a frozen dinner that was to be taken to another church family that lived a ways away who had just had a baby. I was on Carla’s door step knocking on her door. She didn’t answer, so I went back to the car to get my phone. I believe I got a text message saying that it was time to go to the hospital, that Katrina was in labor. What?! What?! What was I to do. I almost dropped the food and left. But I calmed myself down long enough to call Carla (she was in her basement and didn’t hear the door) and properly drop off my food and to say we were off to the hospital. 

Immediately upon getting into the car I called Aaron. He began to get things together at the house and told me to come home (even though I would drive right past the hospital). Then I called my neighbor who would watch John for us. Upon returning home, I began to run around like a chicken with its head cut off. I wasn’t prepared. I knew what I needed/wanted though. Friends who live in Texas were in town visiting. They came by to grab something, but we were in a flurry, I barely remember them being there. We dropped John off at the neighbor’s  (who just happened to be watching a dog and like 3 extra kids. I felt so bad!) and left for the hospital. 

We were so filled with anticipation as we drove. When we arrived Katrina was doing well. She had just been given her epidural so she was in a good mood, even better once she got her popsicle! 🙂 Then the waiting waiting waiting began. We kept our family updated through pictures, texts, and phone calls. And at 5:35 pm, our beautiful baby girl entered the world! Oh she was precious. 8 lbs 2 oz 21 3/4 inches long. And like I said, a ton of black hair. 

The three day wait to take her home was horribly hard. But we were finally able to. The papers were signed for Katrina signing her rights over to us. Six months later the adoption was finalized. Which, was a relief, even though she was already ours. And now, one year later, taking her first steps, saying her first words, with mounds of blonde crazy curls, I can’t believe; how much I love her, how much she’s grown, how much she and John look alike, how much life she brings to our family. She is such a precious little angel doll. Although, we’re learning that she’s a tad on the dramatic side, it should be interesting to see what new joys she brings us in the next year. 

Oh thank you, Lord, for my beautiful, precious little girl. Thank you for Katrina and her sacrifice and love. Thank you, Lord, for your abundant blessings.


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