May 2009 in Review

1st – Been teaching John to say, “May I have some milk, please.” Instead of grunting and shoving his sippy cup in my face. Well, he wanted to watch his Curious George DVD so he said, “May I have some monkey, please.”

– Lydia stood in the middle of the room all by herself for the first time!

2nd – Aaron did an MRM booth, and we hung out as a family at the Midvale Cinco de Mayo festival.

3rd – Lydia took her first step! … in the nursery.

4th – Aaron I just about died from the gasseous stench coming from the grass clippings.

5th – I was leaving and John was on the porch, I could tell he was trying to tell me something so I rolled down my window. He came over to the car and gave me a kiss goodbye.

7th – Lydia said, “Bye daddy.”

8th – Stacie has  a youth group girl’s night out/overnight with 8 teenage girls!

9th – Lydia discovers herself in the mirror.

11th – John hides Bobby from me so I won’t put him in the laundry.

12th – Curious George shows different ways of measuring, one of which is kids measuring other kids with a shoe. John came up to me with a shoe and started “measuring” me, counting, “one, two, three, four.”

13th – We have a shape sorter toy that makes lots of sounds that John has always loved (and always found a way for it to make the noise without him actually shorting the shapes) Anyhow, John stuck his hand in the circle and got it stuck, so I helped him get it out. Then he immediately proceeds to put his hand in all the shapes to see if it would fit.

14th – John had food on his plate, but was done. He brought it to me and I told him to put it on the table. Instead, he threw the food away and put the plate in the sink!

– John got into the syrup that I stupidishly left on the table.

Lydia started walking for real! She walked all over the living room!

16th – Lydia turned ONE!

18th – Trying to potty train John. Going potty every 20 minutes. Well, I didn’t realize he had pooped in his pullup. So, I pulled down his pants and got poop all over the toilet. So, I put John in the bathtub and he stepped in the poop (that didn’t make him happy). So, I clean up the toilet then clean up John and he leans forward lifting his leg in an attitude/arabesque type pose so that I could get the poop off his foot.

– John was stacking Lydia’s baby food jars in the check out line and as I went to grab them one crashed to the floor and broke.

I dropped the milk on the way into the house and it broke. Trying to save the milk by pouring it into huge pitchers I made a HUGE mess.

20th – John gave duck a bath in the cooler.

23rd – On the way down to Zion John asked, “May I have window please? SUUUURE!” (Pronouncing sure with an “s”) He wanted his window down.

24th – Camping, hiking, touring Zion National Park.

25th – The kids had been sleeping in the car but woke up. Lydia was crying so we were “SHHHHHH”-ing. John was trying to sleep and he turned from one side of his car seat to the other with his finger to his mouth and said, “shhhhhhhhhh”

26th – I changed Lydia, but hadn’t put any pants on her yet. She was playing in the living room for a moment, only to find little Lyddie BARE bum!

27th – John yells, “BIG TRUCK” any time he sees anything from a pickup to a semi (or even buses). Imagine how many times I hear that in a 10 minute car ride!

28th – We cross a Trax (public transportion “train”) crossing, sometimes we have to stop. John was excited to see the train. After it passed John said, “Bye train!” and kept repeating it. I decided to not repeat him and see how long he would do it, for at least a minute he kept repeating “Bye train!” until with utter exasperation he said, “Mommy! Bye train!”

30th – John locked himself in the bathroom, presumably to play with the water uninterrupted.

31st – Apparently a nursery worker asked John if his shoes were purple and he said, “No, my shoes are blue.”


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