Reflection of Oquirrh Temple Tour

* Before you take a tour of the temple they have you watch an informational video about LDS temples and the local area. One of the higher up men in the video made the statement, “I can’t imagine heaven without my wife and children… Heaven just wouldn’t be heaven without them.” That man, has completely missed the point of what heaven is. If he were a true Christian, Christ-centered person, he would say, “Heaven just wouldn’t be heaven without Christ.” His statement reveals an underlying, unsaid way of thinking in the LDS religion, that family is more important than God.

*All of the paintings, other than that of scenery, were depictions of Bible stories (possibly all revolving around Christ.) why is this a bad thing, you ask? Because the LDS church teaches that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and, in fact, it is more correct than the Bible. If this is the case, than why didn’t your temple reflect that? Why wasn’t there one single picture depicting a Book of Mormon scene? It made me feel like they were trying to hide something or be conniving in some way. And in fact ex-LDS say that after the temple is sealed and only members can go through, they do change the pictures, and hang some of Joseph Smith as well. The LDS church is manipulating the situation, trying to make themselves seem like something they’re not.

*There was absolutely no one to ask questions to. We were given a silent tour. Now, some tours may have guides, but we had a silent tour. Now, they have set up signs telling you which room is what, but 90% of the room say, “Instruction Room: Where people receive instruction about their faith.” or something like that. Well, that’s not very explanatory. Afterwards, you are invited to the reception tent, but besides the people serving cookies, I only saw one missionary, and she looked like she was on a break, eating a cookie. There was basically no one to ask simple questions to. Why?

*Going through the temple did not answer my questions about the secrecy and privacy of the LDS temple stuff, but rather created more questions. What exactly is this room for? What exactly happens when you come to the temple? What are endowments? Can anyone simply come and enjoy the Celestial room? What exactly is instructed in these instruction rooms? Do they really need another temple accommodating about 600 female lockers, and up to four weddings at one time? (Remember LDS don’t have a wedding season, nor are their weddings usually on Saturdays but rather throughout the week.)

*Would I recommend others going and seeing it?  I think it is helpful for those living in Utah and are immersed in the culture. Even if, for no other reason, to spark your curiousity and put a fire under your feet to study  a little bit more than normal about “The Church.” If you enjoy beautiful architecture and find craftsmanship, absolutely go and see it. It is, undoubtedly a beautiful building. Unfortunately it represents something very ugly and deceitful.


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