I think I’ll like Three


My son turned three yesterday. While my husband and I somewhat morned the passing of two, I think we’ll enjoy three. We’ve enjoyed my son so much as a two-year-old in spite of the terrible two’s. But, oh my goodness, he has just embraced three. He ripped open his presents and knew exactly what to do with the birthday candles.  It seems like he is talking so much more clearly and using his words more regularly and expressing himself. He loves to sing songs on his own or along with a video. Yesterday he went into the preschool Sunday school class for the first time. He did great and tromped out wearing a paper, hand-made crown. He was so proud of that crown. He didn’t take it off for a good hour after church.

Last night I tucked him into bed and was bringing him some milk and he was singing, “I love mommy I do, I do.” It just melted my heart.

This morning I gave him some yogurt and he sat down to eat it. When I walked by a little later he had his hands clasped, his head bowed and I heard, “Thank you Father yogurt.” Wow. I couldn’t believe it. What a big boy.

He’s just seeming so much older. We had a movie night on Saturday and we just snuggled and ate popcorn. It was so much fun. Now that he’s getting older we can do more things with him. Aaron wants to take him camping, just the two of them, some time soon. He’s so precious.

My little boy is growing up. … now if I could only get him potty trained …


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