July 2009 in Review

1st – Played as a family in the water outside.

– Found John pouring cups of water over Curious George’s head, washing his hair

3rd – Went to the splash park as a family. The kids had a great time and Lydia was more fearless than John!

4th – John walked in on Aaron going potty and gave Aaron a car out of his potty rewards basket.

6th – Lydia’s definitely more fearless than John. John hated the sprinklers but Lydia, for the most part, loved them.

7th – John got an ice cream sandwich out of the freezer, unwrapped it, and licked it, what could I do but give it to him?

10th – Aaron brought home an almost empty container of iced tea.
Joh somehow got it off the counter, poured some on the floor, and proceeded to lick it off the ground! Yuck.

11th – I can’t find the mixing bowls… the children have hidden them… it’s a conspiracy.

12th – John’s 3rd birthday.

– While Aaron and I were getting ready for church , John got into his cake destroyed about 1/4 for a 9×13 cake.

13th – I gave John some yogurt for breakfast, and started working on something else. Meanwhile, John folds his hands, bows his head and (in Johnese) said, “Thank you Father for yogurt. Amen.” Talk about melting my heart!

14th – John got a cup down from the cabinet, put ice in it, got the juice out of the fridge, and poured the juice into the cup without spilling. Aaron found him sitting at the table, drinking the cup of juice, smiling, hoping daddy wouldn’t take it away… how could he?

15th – I took John to see his first movie at the movie theater (free summer movies) and he loved it. At one point I asked him if he wanted to sit on my lap and he shushed me!

16th – John got a musical card from my parents on his birthday. I woke up this morning and thought I heard John so I went to investigate but I didn’t see him. So, I laid back down in bed and all of a sudden I hear, “Life is a highway, I’m gonna ride it all night long…” I get up and see John sitting on his bed with a look of pure glee on his face.

18th – We were invited to a BBQ at a new friend’s house and they have a big dog. He was put away for most of the time, but they let him out towards the end. Of course John freaked out, but we just tried to calm him and show him the dog wouldn’t hurt him. Well, then the dog came up and sniffed him and nuzzled his stomach which put him into hysterics. I rushed over and tried to calm him and the hosts put the dog away, in which John responded with pure ectasy mixed with a teary voice, “ALL DONE DOG! YAY! WOOHOO! ALL RIGHT! YAY! WOOHOO! ALL RIGHT! ALL DONE DOG!”

19th – Aaron put Lydia to bed with no pants or bloomers over her diaper. So we found her a little later with her diaper off and pee and poop everywhere!

20th – I figured out the Lydia loves yogurt. She went dumpster diving for it… pulled a yogurt cup that I had just finished out of the trash and started licking the inside of it.

22nd & 23rd – Stacie went on an overnight yurt camping/boating trip with the youth group.

24th – Yay! Rob and Tara Sivulka move to town!

25th – Lydia REALLY likes yogurt. She pulled John’s not-yet-finished yogurt off the table and started walking around eating it, getting it all in her hair, over her clothes, on the floor, etc.

26th – John comes out of Preschool Sunday School and is sooooo proud of his coloring and craft papers. He makes a point showing them to daddy and wants daddy to be proud of him.

28th – The infamous day at the park.

29th – Debbie, Isaiah, their two dogs, John, Lyddie, and I went hiking to Donut Falls. It was a goregous hike.

30th – Lydia’s really cute as she dances with her hip swivel.

31st – John started sweeping the ground… not like the porch, mind you, but the actual dirt ground.


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