I finished these a while ago, I don’t know why I never blogged it. These are excellent short, cute projects, it also taught me a lot about shaping.

Anyhow, here are two bibs. The first is the original the dinosaur bib which you can find here.

The second I took the basic pattern of the dino bib and made a heart design for the middle.

Dinosaur Bib

Find the patternĀ here.

Heart Bib

The owner of the bib pattern asked me to simply post the adjusted part. So for all other rows please visit her site here.

Row 16: k1, p1, for 9 sts.; p 20 sts.; p1, k1 for 9 sts.

Row 17: p1, k1, for 8 sts.; k 22 sts.; p1, k1 for 8 sts.

Row 18: k1, p1, for 7 sts.; p 24 sts.; p1, k1 for 7 sts.

Row 19: p1, k1, for 6 sts.; k 26 sts.; p1, k1 for 6 sts.

Row 20: k1, p1, for 5 sts.; p 28 sts.; p1, k1 for 5 sts.

(Note: From this point on, the first and last five stitches are the seed stitch border.

(B5) It might be helpful to place a marker for these stitches.)

Row 21: B5, k28, B5.

Row 22: B5, p28, B5.

Row 23: B5, k13, p2, k13, B5.

Row 24: B5, p12, k4, p12, B5.

Row 25: B5, k11, p6, k11, B5.

Row 26: B5, p10, k8, p10, B5.

Row 27: B5, k9, p10, k9, B5.

Row 28: B5, p8, k12, p8, B5.

Row 29: B5, k7, p14, k7, B5.

Row 30: B5, p6, k16, p6, B5.

Row 31: B5, k5, p18, k5, B5.

Row 32: B5, p4, k20, p4, B5.

Row 33: B5, k3, p22, k3, B5.

Row 34: B5, p2, k24, p2, B5.

Row 35: B5, k1, p26, k1, B5.

Row 36: B5, p1, k26, p1, B5.

Row 37: B5, k1, p26, k1, B5.

Row 38: B5, p2, k24, p2, B5.

Row 39: B5, k3, p22, k3, B5.

Row 40: B5, p4, k9, p2, k9, p4, B5.

Row 41: B5, k5, p7, k4, p7, k5, B5.

Row 42: B5, p6, k5, p6, k5, p6 B5.

Row 43: B5, k7, p3, k8, p3, k7, B5.

Row 44: Pick up the original pattern at Row 54.


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