August 2009 in Review

1st Aaron and John lay in lawn chairs and let the water from the sprinklers come down on them.

5th – John figured out how to stick his foot in the toliet while he peed, and peed on his foot.

6-7th – We survived an 18-hour power outage.

8th – You can see Midvale’s firework show from our north windows. John LOVED watching them yelling, “FIREWORKS!” It was a cold evening so it was nice to be able to watch them inside.

10th – Went on a reconnaissance mission for Lydia’s bottles.

11th – Was at the park with friends for Park Day. I had my eye on Lydia but asked my friend, “Do you know where John is?” She said, glancing my way, “Oh, I think he’s over there playing with James.” A good 30 seconds to a minute later, I realized my almost-40-pound son was sitting on my lap drinking his sippy cup.

13th – I changed John’s shirt before going somewhere and asked him to put the stained shirt in the laundry as I went to change Lydia. Instead, he walked in with his yellow shirt on inside-out over the blue shirt I had just put on him. He was so proud of dressing himself.

17th – So, I decided to stop for a breakfast burrito at a local place where they’re amazing. So, we’re in the drive thru and John says, “Fry, fry!”

“No, sweetheart, we’re not getting fries.”


Umm… “Because they don’t serve them.”


Umm… “Because this is a Mexican restaurant.”


Ummmmmmmmmmmm…. “Because sometimes people like a different kind of food.”

Luckily the guy came out the window just then and saved me from another why?!

19th – Went to Lagoon (an amusement park) with the youth. Cassie screamed so hard/loud that I laughed so hard I cried.

20th – Woke up t othe police calling me to make sure my car wasn’t stolen. It had been parked in the middle of  the parking lot for a late night game of Ghost in the Graveyard.

– The kids and I had a dance/jam session in the car.

– John and Lyddie tag-team kissed me!

22nd – I was taking a nap and woke up when John did but was still in bed. A bit later he came into the room and put me down for night-night and even sang, “I love mommy I do, I do. I love mommy I do. She is a sweet and precious mommy. I love mommy I do.”  (I sing John Caleb to him.)

24th – I found John at 2:30 am watching Curious George eating Goldfish and Apple Jacks.

I finished knitting my first dress!

25th – John asked, “Mommy what’s that?” I said, “They’re coupons.” He responds, “Yeah. Poop-ons.”

26th – Lydia swivels her hips better than Elvis.

27th – John’s obessed with the toaster.

– John made a peanut butter sandwich by himself, with his hands.

29th – John, out of no where, started singing Happy Birthday!

30th – After trimming John’s nails, I told him, “Go wash your hands.” Somehow he interpreted that as, “Take a can of non-stick butter spray and spray it all over your arms, the bathroom sink, and the the floor.” Next time… I’m using visuauls. –Aaron.

31st – After watching John play, Lydia picks up the wiffle ball, puts it on the T-stand, and hits it off, all by herself.


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