Baaaah-bie’s being naughty?

We have been dealing with a very obstinate child lately. For some reason the last few days my son has been overly disobedient, especially when in public. So, we’ve cracked down on him. We’ve also started “The Naughty Chair.” The Naughty Chair, is a kitchen chair that faces the wall. He hates it… but that’s another story.

John has Bobby and Lydia has Betty.
John has Bobby and Lydia has Betty.

Anyhow, after being in the naughty chair today John was playing. A little bit later he went and put Baaah-bie (further known as Bobby, my son’s lovie) in the naughty chair. When he came over to me I said, “John, did Bobby do something naughty?” Gibberish. “Well, John, I don’t think Bobby did anything naughty, why don’t you get him out of the Naughty Chair.”

So, John goes over there and says, “Bobby, Listen.” More gibberish.

He then brings Bobby over to me. I said, “Oh, thank you Bobby for being such a good boy and sitting in the Naughty Chair so quietly. That was very good of you.”

So, then John takes him and hugs him and says, “HUG!”

Now, I don’t know what this means psychologically or whatever, but it was cute.


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