John’s First Day of Preschool

Today was John’s first day of preschool. He goes twice a week for 2 1/2 hours at a local Christian school. I’ve been very excited about it. I’m hoping that John will learn more social skills; how to follow directions, share, talk, interact, etc. etc.

I got him up and changed his clothes, put his new tennis shoes on him, gave him his backpack and headed out the door… with the camera of course! We took a few cute pictures and headed off to preschool. Yay!

Johns First Day of Preschool
John's First Day of Preschool

At John’s preschool, we don’t have to get out of the car, an adult comes to get him, and then snaps him back in his carseat at the end of the day (which is actually quite convenient when having a toddler in the backseat.) Anyhow, as I waited in the line of cars, John kept up a constant jibber-jabber. He was counting, singing, reciting his Bible verse and just talking. He got out of the car put on his backpack and just trotted on into his classroom (with a little help.) As I started to drive away I realized that I was enveloped in absolute silence. Whoa! That was a total change! Silence. And as the silence crept in the tears started coming.

What was I doing? My little boy. I had just dropped him off. Wait! Can I get him back? Maybe I’m not ready! It’s too quiet. I need my little ray of sunshine, my little ball of energy. My little baby boy is growing up way too quick! Where has the time gone?

But I continued to drive and simply enjoyed the silence and the easy quick trip to the store to grab the eggs and butter I forgot yesterday.

As the 2 1/2 hours progressed I enjoyed myself with my precious daughter and then gave her a quick nap. The house was amazingly peaceful, but interrupted by the laundry buzzing and cell phone ringing. I was still contemplating that my little boy was old enough for preschool. Amazing.

At 11:15 I jumped into the car to go back and get John Caleb. The teacher brought him out and said, “We worked on teaching our routine today because when we start to play, no one wants to stop.” [Is she saying this to every parent, or is it just a polite way of telling me that John didn’t want to stop his play time and gave them trouble?…] “So, we’re teaching them play time, table time, rug time, potty time, play time again.” And asked me to reenforce it at home.

As I drove away and onto an long errand, my car, of course, became noisy once again with John’s jibber-jabber and the kids’ laughter  as they entertain each other. I talked to John. I wanted to know how his first day went.

“John Caleb, did you have fun at preschool?”


“What did you learn?”


“Did you see Chloe and James?” (His friends from church in the same preschool class.)


“Did you play?”


“Did you sing songs?”


“Did you color?” (As I’m looking at his colored page)


“Did you eat a snack?”


“Did you go down the slide?”

“Um….. OK!!!!” (This is the only thing that he didn’t do!)

So, I guess I’ll never know exactly what happened on his first day of preschool or how he felt about it, but I’m pretty sure he had fun. Maybe by the end of the school year he’ll talk to me more about his day.

I love my little boy!

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