Lunchtime with John and Katrina

So… I kind of walked out of the house today, just needing some time off. I decided to go have my favorite salad at Applebee’s for lunch.

As I walked up to the restaurant I realized that this was the place Katrina and I had first really talked by ourselves and it reminded me of something funny that happened.

So, I’m not quite sure when, in the timeline of our adoption, this happened. But… I’m sitting at the table with Katrina eating lunch. I think she had already chosen us for her adoptive family, but I’m not sure. Anyhow, it was really the first time us hanging out by ourselves and our relationship was still very new. John was probably about 19 or 20 months old and he has always been a very active, busy little boy. The previous Christmas he had learned the joy of dipping foods, like chips into dip or french fries into ketchup. What ended up happening more often than not, however, is that he would lick the dip off the chip or french fry and plunge the food item back in with all his little slobbery germs.

Well, he was in a stage where he wan’t eating much and so I wasn’t pressuring him, but gave him some french fries and ketchup. When Katrina’s food was brought out, she had a side of Ranch dressing. John wanted that Ranch dressing more than anything, so she gave him a little bit. He had also been obsessed with our drinks and so he had a straw all of his own. Within minutes my son mixed the ranch and ketchup and was licking it off the dipped straw.

You can imagine my thoughts as a hopeful adoptive parent… “There is no way she’s going to want me to raise her baby, as I sit here and let my son eat ranch and ketchup for lunch!”

Our little bundle of joy
Our little bundle of joy

Thank the Lord Katrina did chose us as the adoptive parents for her daughter. Lydia has been such a joy to us and I’m constantly amazed at how overwhlmingly beautiful she is! As I smile at the memory of this story I send my thanks, again, to Katrina for our darling little Lyddiebug.


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