A Merry-Go-Round Fiasco

As I returned home from my first Saturday tutoring session, I sat on the couch and thought: I want to do something fun today! So, I stared looking things up online and one thing lead to another and we decided to go to Park City. They have an alpine slide, alpine coaster, zip line, etc. They also have minigolf and 3 little kid rides. So, we decided to introduce John to the world of miniature golf.

He didn’t quite get the concept, as you might have guessed! He’d hit the ball, walk to the other end pick it up and set it closer to the hole. Once, he started playing on the wrong hole, so we were trying to redirect him to the right one. He was too busy caught up in playing, however, when we told him to come he picked up the ball, stuck it in the hole, brought it back out and ran to us! Silly boy.

Then we decided to take the kids on the merry-go-round. A wonderful idea, especially as John noticed the horses and wanted to ride them! So, we took the kids over, and of course they were too small to ride on their own, so I took Lydia and Aaron took John. They sat next to each other and round and round and up and down we went. Lydia giggled, filled with joy at the fun ride. John loved it too, waving “Hi everybody!” Then after a couple rounds, “Bye! Bye! Bye!”

As we began to slow down, I made a point of saying to John, “We’re almost done.” But it wasn’t enough time for him to process, plus he was having fun! So, the ride came to a stop and I took Lydia off. She wasn’t too happy about leaving, but you know the normal kid complaint. Well, I turn around and John’s still on the horse… holding on for dear life. And Aaron looks surprised and somewhat “What am I supposed to do?” Aaron finally is able to get John off the horse kicking and screaming, but they were on the inside and as they walk by another pole, John seizes the opportunity. He grabs it and literally wraps his body around it. I kid you not, Aaron could have let go and John wouldn’t have moved an inch down that pole his grip was so tight.

So now, picture John gripping this pole, screaming, not wanting to get off this magnificent ride, and  Aaron pulls back on his body a bit. Now, instead of letting go, John curls his feet and hands up even more so now he’s in the pike position, still wrapped to the pole. I look around at the (thankfully) small group of people. All are laughing, which is nice, since, while this is hilarious, it’s also humiliating.

Aaron lifts up one hand, he goes for the other hand, the first hand is back on the pole. Aaron goes for that first hand again and the second gets back on the pole. Time for reinforcements.  I walk over and hold one arm as Aaron gets the other. John’s finally free of the merry-go-round. We walk outside the gate and the next ride can commence. However, the kicking and screaming lasts ALL the way to the car.

Man, oh man, he can be just about the absolute sweetest boy in the world, but when he wants something…. watch out!


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