September 2009 in Review

1st – Lydia had been taking John’s fruit loops and bringing them to me and feeding me. Well, then both John and Lyddie were coming at me. Lyddie put hers in her mouth, but after seeing John Caleb feed me she took it out of her mouth and tried to feed me!

– Took John to his very first Cubbies (Awana) meeting. When we left he asked, “Where’s Ly-ie?” “She’s staying here with daddy.” To which I received the BIGGEST puppy dog lip I have recently seen from him.

2nd – Simply enjoyed the sounds and laughter of my children playing together.

3rd – We have this fake cat on a ledge. Lyddie, wanting to see that “Titty Tat” (in John’s words), pointed and said, “neow, neow.”

4th – Aaron woke up to the sound of John walking out the front door. I got up to find him playing t-ball.

– Lydia’s practicing for college life. I found her eating cold left over pizza.

5th – John memorized his first Bible verse, “God loved us… and sent his son.”

– Lydia’s wearing her first set of full pigtails!

6th – Lyddie found herself the goldfish and the portable DVD player and gave herself a movie time.

8th – John’s first day of preschool!

10th – John put on Aaron’s gardening/work gloves and started to “pull weeds.”

12th – Everyone knows the cleanup song right? “Clean up clean up everybody everywhere. Clean up Clean up everybody do your share.” Well I was singing that with John yesterday and Lydia started to pick up toys and say, “nee-na e-ba-dee, nee-na e-ba-dee” (Clean up. Everybody.) My baby girl is learning how to talk really quickly!

13th – John and Aaron were drying my car after washing it. John, being the smart little boy he is, knew that the top of it needed drying too. So, he just climbed right on top of the car and dried it off!

14th – John wanted to watch a DVD so I said, “How about Barney?” And he said, “How about no.”

– Aaron took John’s hand and put it to his face and said “Beard. Beard.” And John said, “That not beard. You’re not Papa.”

– John does NOT like sharing his pillow. But Aaron was trying to get him to. “Will you share your pillow with me?” “No.” “Pease” “No.” “Peeeeeeease.” “I said no.””

15th – John wanted juice to drink. So, he pulled out the juice from the fridge, uncapped it, and… sprinkled in some hamburger seasoning.

17th – Made pigs in a blanket for lunch. Gave Lydia a plate with cut up pieces. Gave John a plate with some ketchup. Lyddie decided she didn’t want any and walked away. John decided he wanted Lydia’s and ate all of hers, bringing me the empty plate asking for more. So, I took his plate and cut up the one that was one it. I brought it to the table just in time for Lydia to find out her food was missing. So, I put a couple of pieces on her plate. But John wanted all of the pieces on her plate. So, he ate off Lydia’s plate and dipped them in his plate.

18th – John and Lyddie have this set of play food. One piece is a can of peas. Well, John just held it on my head and said, “bow.” (as in Lydia wears a bow.)

19th – Lydia took her dress off during “nap” time.

– My children have gotten into LITERALLY, EVERY SINGLE toy that we have in this house.

20th – John turns into a teenager as he lays on my bed without his shirt on, watching the Ipod.

23rd – Lydia has her first cookie batter beater.

24th – At the airport waiting on Rachael’s flight, John is mesmerized with the escalator. At one point he grabs onto the black hand rail, which starts to carry him up as he’s hanging on the outside…

25th – Rachael and I took Lydia on her first girls’ day shopping trip!

26th – Garry and Aaron put up our new swingset.

27th – Had to call search and rescue, because Aaron and Garry took WAY too long to get back from their overnight backpacking trip. On the way down, they were encountered by a bear. Story to come soon. Glad my husband and father-in-law are alive and well!

29th – John got a smiley face stamp on his hand because he had such a good day at preschool!!!

30th – Found John and Lydia in my bathroom getting into things. Lydia had my makeup brush and powder and had spilled the powder all over the floor. She’s was putting the brush on her face. She really is all girl!


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