October 2009 in Review

2nd – Aaron found John in the kitchen, on the counter, trying to scoop ice cream onto a plate… with his backpack on.

5th – Lydia started whining in her crib. When I got to the closet (her door was closed) I flipped on the light… she stopped crying. I flipped off the light… she started crying… I flipped on the light… she stopped… I flipped off… she started… hehehe

6th – John no longer takes naps. But during Lydia’s nap time he has quiet room time. Well, he just came out of his room with a pj top on (he was wearing his school clothes when I put him in his room), a poopy bottom and holding a pull-up. He said, “poopy, mommy, potty.” So, he ran to the bathroom, and I found him putting the poop that was in the pull-up in the toilet. So, apparently, John changed out of his clothes, put a pajama top on, put a pull-up, pooped in the pull-up, then took the pull-up off so he could put the poop in the potty where it belongs.

1oth – I got home from our Vintage girl’s overnight and Lydia comes running, “Daddy!” And John hears her so he comes running around the corner, “Mommy!” and gives me a hug. As I sit on the couch, I sniff the air smelling poop. As John turns around I see his poopy bottom.

12th – Got permanent eyeliner.

15th – Lydia finds joy in just about everything. Even using  mixing bowl as a hat!

18th – We celebrated out 6th anniversary!

19th – Cassie and I are somewhat famous. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/10/19/AR2009101902130.html

20th – Tammy always tells kids to go find the chicken as to distract them, since there are no chickens. Well, later today John said, “Where chicken? Twerp twerp. Where chicken?” I think the twerp, is his sound for a chicken.

21st – Lydia does “pushups” (nodding her head up and down) with Aaron’s Perfect Pushups.

23rd – Woke up this morning to the water running in the kitchen. I sneaked in and saw John trying to empty the ice trays. When he couldn’t he took them out and climbed onto the counter with them to try and fill them up. Good this I stopped him because the water was really hot and would have melted all my ice!

24th – House is taken over with the nice furniture and all my old boxes from my childhood that my parents brought.

25th – John’s first night in his new bunk bed!

29th – Just woke up, and I got Lydia from her crib. I came back into the bedroom to grab her clothes and a diaper, and realized the diapers were downstairs. She was talking gibberish and then tooted and she said, “yucky.”

30th – John finds a toy camera at Omi’s. He proceeds to “take pictures” of everything (sometimes rearranging things to make them just right) then “looks” at the picture and declares, “Oh so cute!”

31st – There’s a sink in the kids’ room at my parents. John pulled the stopper up and filled the sink with water. The hot handle broke off and the sink overflowed, flooded the area and leaked into my parent’s kitchen.


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