November 2009 in Review

1st – Shepley and John Caleb entertain themselves by throwing coconuts in the pool and retrieving them.

2nd – Took the kids to the beach, you know John’s having fun when he barely notices a helicopter fly by.

4th – John made a friend, Luke, on the airplane and they played nicely with stickers the whole time.

8th – John read to me for his bedtime story!

10th – I was labeling CD’s and I wrote, “John 1:1-18; John Piper” My son John looked at it and said, “John!” He can recognize his name!

12th – Whenever I drive on Bangerter my children go “oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” and let the car jiggle their voices.

13th – Last night I made chocolate chocolate chip friendship bread. This morning I woke up to John, on the counter, taking a fork to it, with a birthday hat on, saying, “Birthday cake! Birthday cake!”

14th – Lydia just emptied our clothes hamper. Aaron said, “Lyddie did mommy let you do that?” I said, “no.” and looked up. Lydia looked at me and said, “Oh no.” and started putting the laundry back in the hamper.

17th – Lydia’s 18-month well-baby check up. She’s 25 lbs (68 percentile) and 35 inches (98 percentile). HOLY COW!

18th – Lydia picked up three blocks at once into the air and triumphantly pronounced, “I didee!” (I did it!)

19th – I got Lydia up from her nap and she had a poopy diaper and she told me, “Gucky!” (yucky!)

21st – I’m simply enjoying John saying, “oops.” Which he pronounces like, “up-th”

24th – John had a Thanksgiving Feast and little “performance” with his preschool.

25th – Family bowling night. John LOVES bowling and Lydia was so excited about all the balls! It was her first time bowling. I think we will make this a tradition.

26th – Enjoyed a great Thanksgiving with the Summers, Langworthys, and Maggie.

– Maggie brought cupcakes for the kids. Lydia ate hers in the highchair. The rest of the kids left their cupcakes unattended at the kid table. When I let Lydia get down, she kept eating all the other cupcakes. At one point she did this little sinister laugh and we turn around to see her shoving cupcakes in her mouth! It was hilarious.

27th – I went Black Friday shopping from midnight to 5am with my friends Mary Ann, Maggie, and Alyssa. Then we topped it off with a yummy Crackle Barrel breakfast.

28th – John sees the number 17 and says “seventeen!” 🙂 … to be fair, however, he also saw 25 and said “fiveteen!”.

29th – John walked in on Aaron peeing and exclaimed, “Good job, Daddy!”

– Spent the weekend cleaning the office – now guest room – and Aaron’s been trying to keep the kids out all day. Well, we found them playing in there and Lydia saw us, clasped her hands behind her back and gave us a huge cheesy smile as if to say, “I’m too cute to get in trouble daddy!”

30th – One of my children hid their dinner in the vase on my table. I was expecting that to start happening years from now!


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