December 2009 in Review

1st – John gave me a high three and a high four!

3rd – Lydia tries to feed a teddy bear her cheerio. 🙂

8th – John calls a snowman, “It’s a noseman.”

14th – John sang, “Coooo coooomputer COMPUTER!” To the tune of Bob the Builder.

16th – Went to a local “farm” that had thousands of lights. John and Lydia had a great time.

17th – Aaron missed his flight by 5 minutes and ended up having to sleep in the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport for the evening.

19th – Roared at seagulls to save Lydia from certain death… ok maybe just certain getting a chip stolen out of her hand.

22nd  – Went to the Naples Zoo. We saw the black bear behind the glass, but he was a ways away, so I took John around the corner to get a closer look. But John stopped and said, “No, mommy, scarys.” And then clung to me with a vice grip.

23rd – On the way to the Shafovaloff house from the airport, we stopped at Chick-a-fila. It happened to be family night and they had a cow dressed at Santa. Once again, when John saw the cow he FREAKED out!

24th – We played outside in the snow and built a noseman, and threw noseballs, and went sledding. John had a blast (and pronounces snow as nose).

30th – Aaron and I went to see a dramatic performance of The Screwtape Letters written by C.S. Lewis and performed by Max McLean. It was excellent.

31st – Brought in the new year with Shafovaloff Monopoly and Nertz.


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