January 2010 in Review

1st – Flew back to Utah. And Lydia went to bed with her bottle, Betty, a bunny, and a baby.

3rd – Had lunch with a couple moving to Utah soon. When John saw the man on the sidewalk, he ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. (I’m thinking John thought it was an uncle or something.)

5th – Aaron: John, stop picking your nose.” John keeps his finger in his nose, adds another into the other nostril, and exclaims, “I’M THINKING!” “Huh? John, you can think without your fingers in your nose.” John then complains, “Oh mannnnnnnnnn!”

6th – “Do you want to watch Winnie the Pooh?” “Yeah. Poop.”

7th – John go back to your room.” “No.” “Ok, just stand there and pout.” “I can’t!” (running away.)

11th – John drew eyes, nose and mouth and it really was a smiley face. It’s the first time he’s drawn a picture that looks like what he said it was.

14th – So, John went poop in the potty, but got up. I had him go back to the potty so I could wipe his little tushy… He walks up to the toilet and says. “Look mommy! I see a snake!”

15th – JOHN: (Taking my head and forcing me to look up.) Mommy look at the elephant walking around up there.

ME: There’s an elephant walking around the ceiling?

JOHN: Yeah.

ME: Wow! What color is it?

JOHN: Green.

ME: A green elephant?!

JOHN: Good jobs mommy!

17th – John loves squirting contact solution in the toilet so he can see the bubbles.

19th – (Aaron extends a lollipop) “Say please, Lydia.” (She smiles and stares at me.) “Say please, Lydia.” (More smiling and staring.) “Say pleeeeeease, Lydia.” Then Lydia says, “Pshhhhhhhhhhhh” and giggles. “OK, here you go!”

21st – Went to Jumping Jacks, an indoor bounce house place, yesterday. Today when I told it was time for Preschool, he said, “No. Jumping Jacks.”

23rd – I’ve decided to embrace the night owl in me and get more productive things accomplished after the kids go to bed.

25th – A gas guy came to install a gasline in our house. Lydia snuggled with me the whole time because the noises the guy’s tools made scared her. But when he walked out the door she was sitting on the couch and she said, “Bye Pawpaw.” and then made a kiss sound.

26th – John wakes up this morning and goes potty (which means he takes off his pull-up and his pants) A few minutes later I open my eyes to John holding his underwear drawer to show me that it’s all gone. (Luckily there was clean underwear in a pile in my room.)

29th – John likes me to go through all of his DVD’s, “um… no. um… no. um… I think it broken. um… no.” etc. until I have maybe 5 left before he picks one.


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