Lessons I’ve Learned – Children’s Clothing

So, after 3 1/2 years of buying children’s clothing here’s what I’ve found.

Gap/Old Navy – Fits according to age better then anyone (for an average child.) But they’re lacking in letting babies look like babies. It’s like a child hit 12 months and the clothing seems too old, for my tastes.

Children’s Place – Has some awesome sales. Their toddler girl clothing is a little too bright for my taste, but I like the rest of it. Sleepers and t-shirts run small while other items tend to run big or spot on. However, their socks are THE best and should be bought in piles. I kid you not, everyone else’s socks run small, no one else compares to these socks!

Osh Gosh – Jeans run slightly longer than Old Navy, which is nice to know for taller kids (i.e. My son’s Old Navy jeans are beginning to look short, but the Osh Gosh jeans are still fitting him fine.)

Gymboree – Tends to fit right on, however I’ve never bought jeans from them. They have cute stuff and do a really good job incorporating the same line from infant to toddler to big kids. I’ve gotten some good deals, but I wish they had better sales.

Kid-to-Kid – Is definitely hit or miss. Their standards for buying clothing seems SUPER high, especially for the price they give you. But then I look at the clothing they have hanging in the store and a lot of times I’m not impressed. I’ve found stained items and dollar store items for $3 or $4. Be careful when shopping there.

Target – I love Target for little boy t-shirts. I usually can get them for about $5. Why buy a used one for $4 if I can buy new for $5? And they’re super cute. I just find that 3T and 4T sizes are hard to find. I’ve also found that their shoes are very reasonably priced, especially for tennis shoes.

Carters – I’m sure everyone knows by now that Carter’s runs a little big. They’re always the last outfits that a little one grows out of. I think they’re selection is adorable and they have good sales almost always.

Walmart – Just generally not impressed. I’ll see the occasional cute thing, but it’s far and few between.

Pajamas – I never spend more than $10 on pajamas and I can usually get them for around $6. Well, I do spend extra for their Christmas pajamas because I want them to be matching, that’s a guilty indulgence that I have.

Shoes – Crocks (or knock-offs) are awesome for kids just learning how to walk because they weigh next to nothing. Girls shoes have put me in a tizzy. I mean for 2 years John wore camouflage crocks, with the occasional brown-shoe-wearing on Sundays. But Lydia, man, she’s got a pair of shoes she wears with most outfits, but I get to Sunday and for the dress with black tights I need black shoes, and then are these tights white so I need white shoes? or are they off-white and I need off-white shoes? No those shoes are too cream. But that’s all I have. Alas, it can get difficult.


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