February 2010 in Review

1st – This morning he comes in, bends over and says “bottom hurt, mommy.” And I said, “oh I’m sorry bud.” And he said, “Mommy kiss it.” Yes, my son came in the room bent over and wanted me to kiss his butt!

3rd – I got the kids cereal this morning and John pulled out a baby spoon for Lydia. She didn’t want a baby spoon, but a regular one, so I got one out for her. She took it from me and said, “My poon!”

5th – John had a speech and hearing evaluation and passed with flying colors! At one point they asked John, “Are you one?” He said, “No, Lyddie’s one.” I was so surprised.

9th – While John likes me to kiss the exact spot he gets an spot he gets hurt, Lydia wants me to kiss her feet.

11th – It snowed this morning for the first time in a while, and in fact there hasn’t been a good snow since the new year. John was so excited that as we went outside to take him to preschool he ran out into the yard and ran around in circles. “It’s snow mommy!”

-The kids and I had dinner without Aaron because I had to leave as soon as soon as he got home. I put their bowls of soup on the table and grabbed mine from the kitchen. I heard John say, “Let’s pray, Lyddie” and when I walked in the room they were holding hands and had their other ones open on the table for me to hold, and John said, “Pray mommy.” It was heart-warming.

12th – Went up Big Cottonwood Canyon to where the Donut Falls entrance is and played in the snow! We had a blast.

13th – John has a  Larry “potato head” toy that comes with “costumes”  had Larry the Cucumber has been. Well, John put the towel on him. And I heard him singing, but then he came in and said, “Where’s Larry hair brush.” I said, “I don’t know, did he give it to the peach?” “Yeah.” He walked away and came back with a cheap hair brush I’d bought for Lydia and said, “Here’s the hair brush” and started brushing his bald head!

14th – The kids had a blast with the spinning top.

19th – There are two 1-syllable words that Lydia says with two syllables… bath (bu bae) and sock (saw saw). Oh yes, and she’s bilinguil. “Lydia do you want milk?” “Si”

25th – I went to see one of my youth kids in a play he was in and ended up at the wrong high school…. but didn’t realize it was the wrong play until Friday…

26th – Just gave the kids lunch and walked away to finish laundry. I heard John say, “Let’s pray Lyddie.” And saw him grab her hand and then said something like, “Heavenly Father thank you for this food and for this pizza… gibberish… amen.”

28th – John started singing “Happy Birthday” to himself.


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