March 2010 in Review

1st – Nana (Aaron’s mom) to John Caleb over the phone, “John, do you remember Nana?” John Caleb lights up and responds, “Yes, BANANA!”

2nd – This morning Lydia was in her crib roaring like a lion and John was walking around singing, “Baby It’s Cold Inside.”

3rd – Lydia said her first sentence. “I want milk.” In a very whiny voice.

5th – 6th – Spring Fling with the youth group. Lots of funny stuff happens after midnight.

9th – John brought home a paper from preschool in which he printed his whole name on the back. It was the first time.

10th – Lydia wanted a bow in her hair, and she wanted to pick it out. (Even if it did clash a little bit.)

12th – Lydia calls balloons, “Babadoon.”

16th – Went to the park with my friend Miranda and her kids James (just turned 4) and Jonah (2 1/2) and Elana (1). Anyhow, we arrived at the park first, and when Jonah got out of the car John ran up to him and yelled, “Jonah!” and gave him a big hug. Then said, “It’s good to see you.” Then James came out of the car and John ran to him, “James!” and James yelled, “John.” As John went to hug James, he stepped back and said, “I just saw you at school.” (They go to preschool together.) And then they ran off to play.

17th – When we eat something messy, I put a bib on Lydia. Well, when Lydia has a bib, John wants a bib (even though he’s a clean eater, for the most part.) Anyhow, I put a bib on Lyddie today and John asked for his blue one. There were no other clean bibs, however, so I took a wash cloth and tucked it in his shirt. He didn’t like that, however, and wanted it tucked into the back of his shirt. So, he ate with a cape on instead of a bib! 🙂

18th – As I was changing Lydia into her pajamas I tickled her belly. She giggled and then pointed her finger at me and said, “No, no, no, mommy!”

19th – John wanted to look at pictures so I gave him a family album from before he was born. From the other room I hear, “Yay! I found Papa! Hooray! It’s Papa!”

20th – Lydia wasn’t sleeping well, so when she woke up at night (and I hadn’t fallen asleep yet) I brought her into my bed and she become obsessed with the pa-ti-yo (pillow) and insisted on sleeping with a pillow.

21st – Whenever Lydia gets hurt she usually has me kiss both of her feet. Today she had me kiss both of her feet and both of her pointer fingers. (No her fingers were not what got hurt.)

23rd – John stands on our bed and performs the Barney “I love you!” song for our mirror.

24th – After getting out of the shower and sneezing I looked over to Aaron’s  bedside table to notice the box of tissues were missing. But upon leaving the bedroom, I followed a trail of tissues to Lydia to find the box.