April 2010 in Review

2nd – Freezing cold Easter egg hunt at Jumpin’ Jacks, but the kids had a blast and got a TON of eggs! 

4th – Enjoyed a white Easter with the Summer’s, the Richard’s, and Maggie.

5th – Lydia started singing, “Oh where is my hairbrush?!”

6th – John brought me a banana and I told him to share with Lydia and he said, “I share with me.”

7th – John learns to say “Shafovaloff

8th – Took John and Lydia to the dinosaur museum in Lehi. When we first entered the lobby John saw the dinosaur skeleton and said, “Dinosaur! It’s beautiful!” But when we entered the more dimly lit museum he was scared to death and didn’t stop clutching me. Poor kid.

9th – Enjoyed a shopping trip and day out with my mom.

10th – Took John and Lydia to the train museum in Ogden, they had a BLAST!

– John asked for my mom to read ONE more book, but then brought her ELEVEN!

11th –Listening to the squeals, laughter and screams of my kids playing in the nursery. It’s a good way to wake up!

15th – Apparently Lydia likes to be naked. Either that or stripping is her way of rebelling from being stuck in her crib!

16th – Lydia took her first nap in her big girl bed.

– Actually had to tell John, “Don’t cry over spilled milk!”

17th – John’s favorite new song is “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” but he likes to change the animals to zebras and lions, etc.

18th – While Aaron was putting the finishing touches on his sermon (he’s preaching down south this morning) and I was still in bed the children broke over a dozen eggs on the floor and into the trash. I kind of wish I could have seen what they were doing rather then simply finding the aftermath, which was Lydia sitting in eggcrying because she was slimy and couldn’t get up.

19th – John has learned puppydog faces from the master… Lydia!

20th – On the way to preschool, after John was counting to twenty-ten (more popularly known as thirty) the kids started making up songs and singing to and with each other.

22nd – As John has grown up and wanted to do things on his own he’d say, “I show ya. I show ya.” Well, this morning as I put Lydia in her car seat she wanted to do the buckle herself and so she said, “Ishowya Ishowya”

23th – So Lydia’s been sleeping in her big girl bed at night since Sunday, and it’s been a much less dramatic transition than it was for John. However, since Sunday they’ve woken up earlier than usual, and every morning John comes out and brings back cereal for them to part take in while they play in his room for a while.

24th – Had a great time at an awesome park with the Richards cooking hotdogs, hitting the baseball and playing duck-duck-goose!

26 – I know I brought in two bunches of bananas but can only find one. I’m somewhat concerned that my children have a secret stash somewhere.

27th – Enjoyed a field trip with John’s preschool to the Tracy Aviary. Although, at one point John was more interested in a water pump in the pond than the birds!

28th – Aaron informed me last night that while he was at Awana’s Bill told him something was hanging off of Lydia. Thinking it was a thread or something Aaron took a closer look… only to find that MY underwear had fallen to her ankles!


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