Lydia is Two Years Old

Today Lydia turns two. I can’t believe my baby is growing up.

Her favorite book is B is for Bear.

She loves to jump. She will jump across the room to you instead of walk.

Her favorite show is Sesame Street, which she asks for by saying, “Elmo! Abby!”

She says, “Night, night Mommy love you.”

She loves flowers and coloring.

She loves to dance. She is a mover and a shaker!

She LOVES shoes. I have a feeling she’s a shoe-aholic in the making.

Her hero is her older brother, who she loves to copy and mimic in whatever way she can.

She loves hats.

And she is the puppydog lip master.

She is a drama queen and a flirt.

She loves her daddy but plays hard-to-get with morning good-bye kisses.

She likes to stick her feet through the crib and through the slots on her bed.

She must sleep with at least 3 stuffed animals, a blanket, milk, and a pillow (or a stuffed animal acting as a pillow.)

She is precious.

She is fearfully and wonderfully made and an amazing gift.

Lord, please help me to be a good, godly, womanly, example, to this little girl. Help me to be the type of woman that I want her to be. Help me to raise her to love you and have a passion for word and your ministry. If she is to marry, provide an incredible, godly man who will love you and cherish her. Be with her. Protect her. Thank you for loving her even more than I do.

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