May 2010 in Review

4th – I took Lydia to Target to get her a new pair of summer shoes. Well, she knew exactly which shoes she wanted. And she wanted them on her feet NOW. She took off her brown shoes and put them on the shelf (several times, since I would take them off the shelf) The girl was determined to leave those brown shoes at the store and put the pretty white with colored flowers sandals on her feet for the ride home.

6th – John’s preschool planted flowers in Styrofoam cups for mother’s day. He got in the car and said, “Flower mommy!” “Wow! Bud that’s pretty.” To which he responded, “My flower. It’s mes” And Lydia’s sitting next to him grunting and yelling, “Mine! My Flower!” Miss Carla tried to get John to understand that he planted it for mommy… but alas, my mother’s day gift was claimed by both of my children.

7th – John sits with Aaron’s guitar strumming away singing, “I love pancakes. I love cookies. I love Lyddie.”

12th – Took the kids to the library to see Curious George 2. Had a great time as my kids held their stuffed Georges tight!

8th – Katrina came over for Birth Mother’s Day and John held out his hand toward her (picture Vanna White) and said, “What name is this?”

13th – John was done with dinner and getting down from the table showed us the fork and said, “trash.” and showed us the bowl and said, “sink.” After getting him to say, “May I be excused please?” We told him to put both the fork and bowl in the sink. As he walked towards the trash I said, “Sink! Sink! Sink! John!” With a whine and slumped shoulders he stood there. Lydia then said, “No! Sink!” hehehehe.

15th – Aaron had a conversation with Lydia:

Aaron: Lydia, I don’t want you to get married until you’re about 24 years old.

Lydia: Daaaaaddy!!!! (With surprised looked on her face.)

Aaron: But, I want you to go to a year of Bible School. And I’ll even pay for it.

Lydia: Eyebrows shoot up. “Alright.”

Aaron: I want you to find a godly man there that you can marry who loves God and will treat you well. Will you do that for daddy?

Lydia: Shakes head.

Aaron: Please, Lyddie, please find a godly man there to marry.

Lydia: Shakes head.

Aaron: Puppdog face, “Just cause I’m your daddy won’t you do that for me.”

Lydia: Shakes head.

16th – Lydia turned two!

– Aaron saw the $$$ add up when Lydia opened her present, which was shoes, and saw how happy she was over them. It suddenly hit him how expensive a teenage girl was going to be!

– While on the phone with a friend and trying to spell out a word I said, “P as in… um… uh… P as in poop?” She laughed and responded, “You definitely have a toddler!”

18th – Bought Lydia some big-girl underwear so that she could start potty training! — No more diapers here we come! (Hopefully!)

19th – Today we started potty training. We had received a little potty, so I took it out of the box and put it together. When it was finished, Lydia said, “poo-poo” pointing to the potty. I said “yes.” So, she sat down, tooted, stood up, put the lid down, did a little twirl, said, “poo-poo” “yes.” put the lid up, sat down, tooted, stood up, put the lid down, did a little twirl. She repeated this sequence at least 4 times.

– Just found John in the laundry room (with my laundry-room flip-flops on). I asked him, “What are you doing in here?” And he said, “I want to help.” I just about cried.

20th – Visited Wheeler Farm with John’s preschool class and John had a blast!

21st – I see something in Lyddie’s potty so I praise her and do a little dance and give her a piece of candy. When I returned to the potty to clean it out, I realized, that it was just grapes in the potty… not poop.

24th – My children got dressed in winter coats and played in the snow! Yes, snow, in our yard, that fell from the sky, at the end of May.

26th – At John’s t-ball game Aaron bribed John, “If you sit and play with your teammates we’ll get some ice cream.” A minute later we hear from another little boy, “Mommy! He said he gets ice cream!” Not even a minute later come the sounds of the ice cream truck… and off prance all of John’s teammates. Oops. Coach Eddie turned around, “Hey where’s my team?!” “Ice cream truck.”

28th – Went over to the Richards’ house tonight and they have a dog. At one point John started chasing the dog with David, but the dog circled around and got behind him and the squeals of delight turned into squeals of terror and back to squeals of delight once John was behind the dog again.

31st – I was pushing the kids in the swings and every time John saw a bird he would “jump” off the swing and chase the bird away.


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