Bird Houses

For probably a couple months, definitely with onset of chirping birds and spring Aaron has excitedly talked about buying two  bird houses from Micheal’s and painting one after the fashion of McDonald’s and the other after In and Out Burgers. (For those who don’t know In and Out Burgers are THE California burger joint that has recently expanded into Utah. It was quite the rage, people waiting in line for 2 hours or more for their burgers. These lines lasting for not only weeks but months after first opening.) Aaron was to have a little experiment to see which bird house was the most frequently visited. 🙂

So, for Father’s Day I thought it would be a nice gesture to purchase the bird houses and the red, yellow, and white paint so that we could have a fun family activity. However, because Father’s Day is in between the two Manti weeks (the biggest Mormon evangelism weeks of the year) Aaron was too tired and we decided to wait and paint them another time.

Little did we know, that our children would decide that later time would be Tuesday at about 5:45 pm.

I was hanging out in my room finishing up some stuff before getting my house and dinner ready before my Bible study group showed up. I thought to myself Man, the kids sure are playing nicely together. Maybe they’re a little too quiet. That ALWAYS means trouble. Well, what’s the worst they could be doing, they have food that spilled on the floor and will need to be vacuumed? Sigh. The peace and ability to finish my task is too nice, I deal with the vacuuming consequence. Literally, about a minute later John comes to my door and says, “Look mommy I paint!”

What I found

Immediately, I’m seized with dread and run out to the living room and there’s Lydia covered in paint, sitting on a paint-covered carpet, with two finger-painted bird houses. “Bee how (bird house) mommy!” said Lyddie. There are certain things that children do that are just beyond punishment and this was one of them. I sighed and lead them to the bathroom to have them take a bath.

I then called Aaron, “I’m trying to stay calm but there is paint all over our carpet.” (We don’t have the money to replace our carpet.) Aaron, of course, found the humor in the situation and assured me it would be all right.

I hung up and looked at my children standing in the waterless bathtub covered in paint and decided, well, I might as well let them finish the paint job since they’re already covered in it and I’m going to have to scrub it off of them.

Finishing Up the Bird Houses

So, I had them get out of the tub, I carried the houses and the paint outside and they finished up the paint jobs.

In the end, I have to admit that I think they are pretty darn-cute bird houses… and pictures! 🙂

The Finished Product


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