Response to the Glorification of Childlessness

So, I found this blog, childfreedom, because of another blog and it’s (in one sense) response to the Top 10 Reasons Not to Have Kids. I was somewhat shocked and disgusted at the 100 reasons. At the same time, if you’d rather have breakable objects in your home than children, or are concerned about being able to eat what you want when you want, or that your tv viewing experience won’t be kid-oriented or kid-interrupted, etc. etc. etc. If all of these reasons resonate with you, then please don’t have children. Every single one of these reasons was a self-centered one, accept for possibly the one about the negative effect a new person adds on the environment. But, even then if you’re more concerned about landfills, than human life… well…

Anyhow, I read a few of the articles on the blog and I was simply shocked at the attitudes of the author and the commentators about children and the drain they were on society and the environment and how thoughtless and selfish those of us with children are.

The author seems to think that if you have children, than you didn’t give it any thought and you just did what society is telling you to do, ie have children, or you’re a selfish person wanting to have someone to love you or someone that you can vicariously live through. It doesn’t even enter into her thought paradigm that there are those of us who chose to have children because we felt like mothering was the highest, most honorable, important job that a woman can have and desiring to raise up a generation of children that can spread the gospel and glorify God. Well, of course that doesn’t enter her thoughts, since she is more than likely a postmodern agnostic/atheist realm.

The second article or rather the comments it received really offended me more than the first. She wrote a post Play Dates: Reason Enough Not to Have Kids. She began to describe this play group, apparently, and the politics of it. Nothing in the article was even remotely familiar in my life and our play dates. But even so, the childless commentators began to criticize those of us with children for over scheduling our children and wanting to do something fun for them, such as take them to a park to play with friends. I was kind of surprised how opinionated these childless people were about child rearing. I’m sorry, but you don’t get an opinion! Because trust me, having a child will change it. And what ever type of situation you’re speaking of with regards to play dates, that is not the reality for any parents I know.

The fact that the decision of having a child is boiled down to how much waste they will acquire through their lifetime, or not wanting to give up my “me” time, or wanting to be able to give your pets the love they desire, is sickening to me. Also, let me just say, pets are not children, they are not sons and daughters, they are not human beings and your pet is not as important as my child. Human beings trump animals and animals are not “people too.” Human beings are made in the image of God which, makes us more an important than the not-made-in-the-image-of-God animals.

My last thought to a childless person who wanders on here and notices the bird houses post from just days before. Let me assure you, that while I’m not ecstatic about getting paint on my carpet, and I’m not sure how long that paint will remain, I do know that those bird houses will be cherished for years to come, and I would MUCH rather have paint on my carpet and two beautiful, delightful, mischievous children, than a pristine house.


One thought on “Response to the Glorification of Childlessness

  1. Stacie,

    Hi there! Thanks for writing such honest words. I’m glad to chime in and say that being a Mother, while I’m not one, but it is quite certainly one of the most selfless acts a person can be a part of. To close yourself to God’s perfect plan and claim children drain you is just sad and so selfish. Great post, thanks for writing!

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