June 2010 in Review

1st – I love how John says, “I can’t like it.” or “I can’t want it.”

2nd – John found an ant in our house, got it on his hand and showed it to me. “An ant! Mommy.” “It is an ant! Will you put it in the trash please.” To which I received a very perplexed looked from John, although he walked away and towards the trash can. Then he came back and said, “Can I put it outside, mommy?” “Absolutely.” Poor kid, just couldn’t understand why mommy wanted an ant to go in the trash.

3rd – Lydia sits on the potty as though she were the Queen of England sitting on her throne.

5th – I was in and out of sleep this morning and dream that my husband and I were having a big discussion. Then Aaron, talking in his sleep, said, “It’s ok we’ll figure it out.

6th – Lydia has started calling John, “Yeeyee”

7th – John calls his bathing suit his “baby suit.”

9th – Lydia can find a writing utensil as easily as the early bird finds the worm!

12th – John gets WAY enthusiastic when he finds his name in his “Jesus Book,” a.k.a the Bible.

14th – Sitting on the couch next to Aaron, snuggling a was-asleep-but-now-awake little 2-year-old girl, hearing, “I yuv you mommy”… this is the good life.

18th – Lydia’s version of the Barney theme song. “I love you. I. hug. mwa!”

19th – I bought some ice cream for dessert for Father’s Day today. When I asked the kids, separately, if they wanted mac and cheese for dinner, they both said, “No. Ice cream.”

20th – We had ice cream outside. John was playing, Aaron, Ryan, and I were talking and I thought Lydia was being awfully quiet. I turned around to see her pulling a spoon our of the caramel jar and licking with caramel all over her face and the table.

22nd – I found John and Lydia painting the bird houses I had gotten for Aaron for Father’s Day on our living room floor.

25th – Joined Aaron in Manti and had an enjoyable time meeting all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

26th – Was so exhausted I washed my hands before I went to the bathroom.

28th – John and Lydia were watched by a mom in the church while I was at youth retreat. John returned home with a new way of playing in the sprinklers… by walking backward into it and “sitting” on the sprinkler, laughing and laughing.

29th – The house John and Lyddie were at today had a dog… by the end of the day if the dog was laying down, John would pet him! (To all who have seen his freak out around animals you know what a big deal this is.)

30th – Returned home from youth retreat amazed at how well John was talking, when I finally got home opened the fridge, only to discover absolutely no milk in the house with my children about to revolt due to lack of milk. “Crap!” I sighed. To which John replied, “Don’t say that mommy!” Oops….


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