July 2010 in Review

1st – Got locked out of the house this morning and had to climb through a window to get back inside.

2nd – 4th  – Bear Lake camping trip which included flashlight wars, a “bicycle” built for four, the perfect roasted marshmallows and singing songs at the top of our lungs, kite flying, beach swimming, exploring, marveling at God’s beautiful creation, and just some really good family time.

4th – Sat for an hour on the grass outside of McDonald’s before we realized West Jordan set off their fireworks on the 3rd and not the 4th!

5th – Had fun helping the kids fill up their cups in a bucket so they could go splash daddy. Lydia would only walk a few steps, however, before she dumped the cup on the ground laughing.

7th – Got the lunch packed, the swimsuits ready, grabbed the towels, walked out the door to go to the splash park and realized Aaron had the car seats in his car, which was with him at work.

10th – Lydia said, “poo-poo.” So John checked her diaper and said, “No, you’re not poo poo.”

12th After John finishes his food he has started saying, “I can’t like it, mommy.”

15th – You know how if your food is hot you blow on it. Well, we got in the car today and Lyddie said, “Hot, mommy, hot.” And then she blew “on” the car.

16th – Lydia ate dirt at Family Camp…

17th – I painted Lydia’s toes for the first time and she was so excited to show off her pretty toes.

22nd – I love how the kids have started to come in our room and wake us up in the morning… but I have to admit that being jumped on, sat on, rolled on, elbowed, and hair pulled is a slightly violent way to wake up. 🙂

23rd – I gave the kids the beaters from the brownies I was making and had them sit at the table. A minute later I heard John sing, “We will we will chocolate you!”

28th – Aaron’s dad bought John Caleb a Nintendo. It arrived today and the first time Yoshi cracked through his egg John yelled, “DINOSAUR!!!”

29th – Anytime we loose Yoshi John yells, “Come back Koshi! Come back!”

31st – Aaron played with the kids in our $10 plastic pool. They love to splash, splash, splash, and Lydia loves to soak John with the hose.


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