The Edge of the Divine by Sandi Patty

The Edge of the Divine is a book about Sandi’s struggles and then subsequent victory with her addiction to food. She talks about being at the edge of a new point in life, how those edges happen often, and the faith it takes to trust God and step over that edge. She shares a lot from her life from the past few years and gives lots of hope and encouragement to those who not only struggle with the eating disorder but any other addictions as well.

I simply loved this book. First I love how it was a book about, not only an eating disorder, but about food addiction. This is something that many Americans struggle with, but it’s hardly ever taken seriously. Second, I love her openness, vulnerability, and honesty. She’s frank about her past, her thoughts, her struggles, and her victories. She does a wonderful job of weaving her life experiences into an encouraging story about victory over sin through the help of the Savior, which gives hope to others. She gave me hope. And I highly recommend this book to others.


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