September 2010 in Review

4th – Gave Lydia a bandaid the other day for her cut. She’s been so proud of it. Today it fell off. And through her own way, communicated that she wanted another bandaid (even though she didn’t need it.) I think she thinks its some ultra cool sticker or something.

5th –

“Did you have so much fun?” -Me to John

“There was a girl” – John
“What was her name?” – Me
“She took my ball.” – John
“She took you ball?  Did you share with her?”- Me
“Yeah. I run fast.” – John

8th – John started 3-day preschool!

9th – I love the sound of pitter-patter bringing contraband (aka cereal) into their room!

10th – Instead of using dolls or my little ponies in her dollhouse, she’s using cars!

11th – John read a book to Lydia tonight and even had her sit on his lap.

12th – The Daddy-tax on a Fruit Roll-Up is 60%.

14th – Lydia’s treasures: a plastic basket full of cars, band-aids on both elbows, and her sippy cup.

15th – Been working a lot and today was a 12 hour shift.

17th – I think I’m going to have to stock up on bandages. My kids are in that stage where bandages are the coolest things ever and can heal anything.

19th – John totally nudged me out of my own bed last night slowly creeping into and then completely taking over my spot.

22nd – Was so tired I literally almost fell asleep in the shower!

24th – I had to work until I put away all chairs, tables, cords, etc. So, Aaron brought the kids and helped me for a bit. When it was time to go John started crying and said, “I want to take mommy with me.”

25th – Took the kids to a 50% sale at a second-hand kid store and it ended up being an almost 3 hour ordeal, because of poor management and lack of integrity on the store’s side. The other mom’s called in the police and media… Lesson: Don’t get between a mama and her bargain shopping!

26th – John Caleb just chided Aaron, after my lunch-prayer, for not thanking God for our spoons

27th – Lydia’s a beauty queen in a parade of her own making as she sits in the car attached to the grocery cart waving and saying, “hi!” to every person we pass.

28th – “Peanut butter heart?! cheese?! grapes?! How ridiculous!” – John

29th – Individualities have started to emerge for the first time ever I served two different cereals to my kids.

30th – “Mommy I not 16, I 4.” – John

“You’re only four?”  – Me

“Yeah.” – John

“Do you think you should drive a car?” – Me

“Yeah, I’m thinking I want the keys.” – John


Faithful by Kim Cash Tate

This book is about three women who are struggling through relationships with their male significant others for different reasons. The three women share an incredibly close relationship, especially bound together in their faith in Christ.

The book covers, with sound Biblical truths, topics such as modesty, adultery, sex before marriage, and lust. And while I agree with the author wholeheartedly, the book came across as slightly cheesy and a little bit preachy. With that said, it was an enjoyable book and I found myself looking forward to the times I was able to read it and loved the characters.