October 2010 in Review

2nd – Ruth came over and we took 15 lbs of tomatoes and 3 1/2 hours and turned it into 4 1/2 pints of spaghetti sauce… we shall see if the process was worth it.

3rd – I totally knocked Lydia down with my behind!

4th – “Her name’s not mama, it’s mommy!” John to Lydia

5th – John put the monkey in time out for hitting the tiger. Then Lydia put three of her stuffed animals in time out. Rough parenting day I guess.

7th – (John Caleb in the car waiting for daddy.) :

“Oh no! The car’s not on! Can you help us turn it on?” … “Great!” …. “Thanks for helping everybody!”

— Aaron ate some of John’s chili at lunch John said, “GIVE IT BACK!” We told him to ask nicely. His response, “May I have some give me back please.”

8th – The entire northeast is against me with their lack of Dr. Pepper.

9th – John and Lydia are the ring bearer and flower girl in Phill and Laura’s wedding. Congrats Phill and Laura! 🙂

12th – Lydia ran into my room all smiley and naked, climbs into bed next to me and proceeds to put her ice cold feet on my leg. 🙂

14th – Lydia does burpies with Aaron.

15th – “I have squigglies in my belly button!” (John Caleb)

16th – Things I’ve said today… “How did a Spaghettio get on my bathroom mirror?” and “Did you seriously just wipe a booger on me?!”

17th – Lydia talks baby talk to her bear.

18th Celebrated 7 years of marriage today!

19th – On our way into Chick-fil-a John sees a picture of the cow, stops in his tracks, and says nervously, “I don’t want to see the cow mommy.”

20th – Took the kids to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and made up a new song about the pumpkin patch that John wanted to sing the whole way home. “We’re looking for a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. (repeat x2) Ah! We found one! No it’s too green. We’re looking for a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. (repeat x2) Ah! We found one! No it’s too flat. We’re looking for a pumpkin in the pumpkin patch. (repeat x2) Ah! We found one! And it’s just right! We found the perfect pumpkin in the pumpkin patch! (repeat x2) — Hey I didn’t say it would win an Emmy!

21st – I found Lydia in my bathroom getting into my makeup bag with foundation all over her face.

22nd – John coughed this morning and I asked, “Are you ok?” He responded, “Yeah, I have lots of ok’s in my mouth.” And then a littler later he came to me and said, “All the ok’s are gone from my mouth now.”

– My son littering out the car window lead to an awesome, spirit-lead encounter with a homeless man.

23rd – My kids were literally sliding off the bed, using my body as the slide. I really have become the human jungle gym.

25th – Played a rousing game of duck-duck-goose.

27th – Aaron came to my rescue after having a tire blow out on I-15 after dark!

28th – “I’m not a girl! … All my friends are boys.” (John Caleb)

29th – Quotes by John today:

“I need to count my toes.”

“I want to see the two daddies.”

“I think I only have one head.”

30th – Had a GREAT time trick or treating with the Lansings. John and his friend Tyler were quite scared by several dogs, while Lydia would simply walk into the houses to see the dogs.

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